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Thanks to Zip at Weasel Zippers for this:

Chuckie sees waycists at the Tea Party

It’s state flag of Tennessee
Weasel Zippers has found the comment above, in which Johnson says that he is “fairly sure” that the Tennessee state flag is a neo-Nazi emblem. Johnson himself is seething and whining about this: “the comments that followed minutes later in the same thread…I clearly concluded that the flag was a Tennessee flag.”
Well, that’s mighty generous and perspicacious of him, but he only did it after speculating about the Tennessee flag’s alleged resemblance to various neo-Nazi insignia:

3 Responses

  1. The joke is on YOU, KGS!

    I hate to tell you this 'cause…

    I realize you've been living in Europe for quite some time but certainly you know that Texas is "The Lone Star State". Have you had your eyes examined lately? :+)

    Don't you know the state flag of Tennessee when you see it?

  2. Eh not so fast Santa, I caught it with a minute of posting, I meant Tennessee but placed Texas instead…it's been a long day.

    Thanks for the heads up anyways!

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