Whaaaah: We want everything Muslim

Libyan dictator, Moamar K’dufus, hosts the summit of Arab state leaders crying over the Jews building 1600 homes in J’lem. They’re bigots and anti-Semites whose opinion mirror that of many of the bigots and anti-Semites in Europe and in the Obama administration.

J’lem was never an important Muslim city only until the Jews made reclaimed it as their capital, then all hell broke loose. The Tundra Tabloids has only these few words to say to them all. Go pound some sand. KGS

Arabs to unite against Israel at annual summit

Arab leaders open their annual summit on Saturday determined to send a clear message to Israel that any plan to “Judaise” Jerusalem would spell doom for the Middle East peace process.
The summit is the first to be hosted by Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, the longest-serving Arab head of state who considers Israel the “enemy” and has frequently lambasted Arab countries who seek peace with the Jewish state.
It comes amid a spiral of violence that an Israeli general said killed two soldiers and four Palestinians on Friday as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to stay the course with his east Jerusalem settlement policy.
Fresh US efforts to broker indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks earlier this month were still-born when Israel announced a plan to build 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers in annexed Arab east Jerusalem.

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