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Kevin Jackson: There’s a racist fringe to the Democratic party, like I said, I have yet to see a black man lynched at a Tea Party, but I do know that the Democrat Party has lynched black people.”

‘The BIG Black Lie’ Author Debates MSNBC’s Shuster on Tea Pa
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NOTE:  There is a big need for Republicans to expose the Democratic Left for their role in racism past and present. They formed the majority of those who kept black African Americnas down for so long, then keep them down with highly destructive socialist policies that have seen their inner city communities devestated by drugs, high unenployment, out of wedlock births with multiple fathers and a systemic dependency to the welfare state.
These inner-city slums have been protected, run and administered by Democratic party hacks for decades, and serve as a template for the rest of America as the Democratic party drives its socialist agenda even deeper into the American middle class. Why the Dems want to deliver nation wide something that has killed generations of black African Americans is beyond me, other than wanting to retain power for themselves by creating a permanent class of people dependent upon “their good graces”.
The Tundra Tabloids deems many of the high ranking members of the Democratic party to be nothing more than traditional humanitarian racists, who actually view the poorer sections of American society with contempt, believing that they need “their white folks” because black African Americans can’t manage their own affairs. This kind of paternalism has devastated these communities, and what’s needed is the solid debunking of the Democrats’ social policies that have led to the present situation. KGS

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