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Ali Qassim: I happily await the
Government’s plan to legislate away racism

Ali Qassim, who is the Chairman of anti-racism organisation Enar-Finland, says the solution to Internet racism is both legislative and social.”

This is the problem with an all intrusive government that thinks it can regulate human behavior, what then happens is government bureaucrats determining for us what can and cannot said. Vlad remarked: “Of course, no myth group will be called a race except muslims and no behavior group will be called a race except gays and no attempt will be made to reconcile those two.”
Well, you either have free speech or you don’t. Do you want nameless bureaucrats holed up somewhere in Helsinki coming up with a daily list of terms and phrases that are no longer deemed permissable? Do you really want these people to have the power to regulate what you can say and print for public consumption? The very thought of that happening should be so revolting and frightening, that there should be a stampede of people demanding the morons to cease their encroachment upon our freedoms and rights.
This is all about control, not about racism, not about “offensive” speech, but about the pure power to control Finnish society (as well as throughout the EU). Yeah, that’s all we need, bureaucrats pushing their political agendas through the power to legislate what is acceptable discourse, and of course we’ll never know what is exactly that until the hammer falls.  KGS

Defining the Line Between Internet Racism and Free Speech

With the government considering proposals to fine-tune legislation on hate crimes and Internet racism, experts are debating how much you can criminalize and restrict Internet commentary without infringing on free speech. Laws are also trying to clarify who can be held accountable for criminally racist content on websites and chat rooms.
At the moment, one of the few clear-cut rules is that people who create web content intended to incite violence against a group of people can be charged under criminal legislation.
The debate gets much more complicated when lawmakers try to define who’s responsible for racist comments on chat rooms, or whether service providers and bloggers can be charged with distributing racist content if they did not create it, or even if they did not know it existed on their sites.
“At the moment, the service provider could theoretically get charged with incitement to racial hatred if they are not taking away racist material. But it’s very unclear and we don’t have any cases on this topic,” says Senior Officer Yrsa Nyman, from the Office of the Ombudsman for Minorities.

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