Kent Ekeroth: I tell it straight

Tundra Tabloids’ knows Kent Ekeroth personally, and he’s a class act and a stand up guy, and someone who can’t be snookered, fooled, bamboozled or led astray. He’s got morals. That’s why the TT knows that the Swedish Democrats are the real deal, because if they weren’t, Kent would not be listed amongst their ranks as a politician, it’s that simple.

Cartoon Furor Met With Muted Response In Sweden

[…]  The Limits Of Liberalism

Kent Ekeroth is not a halal hippie. He works for the Swedish Democrats Party, which is the only group of politicians that doesn’t go along with the liberal consensus in Sweden. So far, the party doesn’t have a single seat in Parliament. Ekeroth is trying to change that and is certain his party will win seats in parliamentary elections in the fall.
Party members want to restrict immigration and re-emphasize pride in Swedish culture. Hoping to tap into what they think is the unspoken disquiet in Sweden about such issues, one of the party’s slogans is “We say what you’re thinking.”
Ekeroth says what liberal Swedes don’t realize is that if you take in groups who are against liberalism, then you don’t have a liberal society.
“They believe in the goodness of the people, that everyone wants to live in society like ours. … But they haven’t considered that there might be people around the world [who do not] want to have the society that we want,” he says.
Ekeroth says that Sweden is too liberal for its own good. But he denies he’s a racist. He says the backlash against Sweden’s political correctness is already beginning ahead of elections in September.
He says he hopes that change can come without something terrible happening, to the artist Lars Vilks or anyone else.

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