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If you call for Jews to be killed
make sure they’re Israelis
There was a recent brouhaha in the Finnish media caused by Finn Church Aid director, Antti Pentikäinen, who claimed, (without giving one concrete example of it) that Finnish Christian support of Israel contains radical elements that have made threats against himself and fellow colleagues, who support aiding the Arabs (called Palestinians) through the Lutheran Church run program.
Daniel, who runs the Finnish-Swedish language Israelnyheter blog, forwarded the following op-ed that appeared in the Swedish paper, Dagen on the 17th of March. The person writing the op-ed was among those who attended a lecture offered by the Christian Council of Sweden (SKR), which dealt with the problems facing the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria.
The tone of the lecture, combined whíth what took place during the Q&A, speaks loudly on what these Leftist run organizations deem as “normal discource” on the Arabs’ conflict with the Jewish state of Israel. The lecturer, after giving a highly biased report against Israel, didn’t condemn out right, the person’s call to murder Jews, but rather there should be a difference made between Jew and an Israeli.
EAPPI is an international organization that brings Westerners to the Arab areas in Judea, Samaria and in times past, Gaza, with the sole purpose to indoctrinate them with Palestinian propaganda against Israel, then return to their home countries and dissimenate the nonsense that they’ve “learned”. The lecture no doubt, was a part of that propaganda process.
We’ve had the exact situation here in Finland,   with EAPPI volunteers going to the region, get indoctrinated by the Lutheran Bishop of J’lem, Munib Younan and his network, then return to Finland to hit the speaking circuit, in which they present the conflict in a grossly one sided way. It’s worked that way for decades. Now they’re taking it one step further, with the head of Finn Church Aid stating Finnish Christian supporters are “radicalized”, with no proof being offered.
So, contrary to the methods of Antti Pentikäinen who offers no evidence to support his claims of Christian supporters of Israel promoting violence, the TT provides an eyewitness account of Ewa Jonsson, who witnessed a pro-Palestinian extremist in a church sponsored lecture, calling for the murdering of Jews, and not be thoroughly condemned for it. Also, the SKR organizers of the lecture, by default, sanctioned the call for the murder of Jewish Israelis. It’s mighty sick time we are living in.

SKR has major responsibility for the image its companion gives

By Ewa Jonsson

In the small parish hall in southern Vätterbygdens had gathered to listen to a lecture by an ecumenical companion who has been in the West Bank to make life easier for the Palestinian population of the village which is surrounded by illegal (TT: Not illegal) outposts to the Israeli settlements.
Lecture began with a declaration that the Christian Council of Sweden (SKR) is neutral and does not take political positions. Then we got to listen to the stories of three people who were reinforced by images from the village and the settlers who harass villagers. It is true that some settlers, especially among those who live in illegal outposts, (TT they’re not illegal) even in the Israeli point of view, can behave aggressively, unpleasant, threatening and even tangible attack on the Palestinian population. In such cases, they’re convicted in Israeli courts.
We saw pictures of what the Palestinian people queuing for hours to get through one of the many checkpoints that exist in the Israeli-built barrier. He talks at length about queuing and we saw pictures of Israeli strawberries being picked by a Palestinian woman. But not one word about why the barrier exists, or why the Israelis have set up these checkpoints. It does not mention a word that suicide bombings have largely ceased in Israel due to the barrier.
After the lecture is given the opportunity to ask questions and that is when a male audience exclaims: “Why did not someone tell us sooner? We should cut the throats of all the Jews! ”
A great responsibility lies with the presenter and SKR when so totally one-sided depicts the situation in a small village with 100 inhabitants in the West Bank. SKR Swedish calls Christians to be present at various locations in the West Bank to prevent the Israelis, mainly settlers, shouldn’t be able to harass the Palestinian villagers. The companions are in the area in three months and many (in this case, it was so) have never been to either Israel or Palestine in the past and no information about the town of Sderot, where shells from Gaza, sometimes raining down, we were not.
Sweden’s Christian unity, those who stand behind the SKR, will assume a huge responsibility when it encourages and invites individuals to travel around and give lectures about their experiences. For it is precisely their own experiences to talk about and the lack of analysis or to highlight the problem from different directions are complete. This leads to the listeners get a one-sided picture. In this case, it led to an outbreak that could lead to a notification of incitement to racial hatred.
Taking a few words to summarize the lecture, it is so that the Palestinians are kind, cute and sweet, while the Israelis are brutal, cruel and ruthless other than peace activists who supports the Palestinians.
Perhaps it is the image we have, and it was further reinforced when the speaker in response to the outburst “We should cut the throats of all the Jews!” Answered by saying “You have to distinguish between Jews and Israelis.”

NOTE: Here’s another example of Swedish pro-Palestinian activists, (ISM) who have no problem whatsoever hanging around with terrorists.

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  1. From what I can see you basically deny the christian minority in Israel and the occupied territories the right to invite christians from other parts of the world to see their situation. (This is also the background to the EAPPI accompaniers program)
    The palestinian christian minority has never been a part of the violent resistance to Isarel. still they have been suffering very hard from both Israeli and Muslim harassements.
    Why do you want to silent their voices ?
    Would you also like to deny Jewish communities around the world to go to Israel and then come back and tell about their experiences ?

  2. That's ridiculous. It is the EAPPI and SABEEL organizations that keeping the West misinformed to teh true nature of the problems affecting the Christian community in the disputed territories.

    The only area where the Arab Christian population is growing and are free from fear an intimidation, is in Israel.

    I have nothing against people going to find out for themselves what the situation is all about, but I do have soemthing against these organizations that lie and bastardize the truth to fit their ideologocal biases.

    The only people these organizations suggest or allow their volunteers to meet with, are radical left wingers and the Arabs whom the Arab Christian leadership deem acceptable.

    The whole process is rigged/garuanteed to produce the desired result of inciting the person against the state of Israel.

  3. Intresting, so you have been there and also visited the EAPPI training program ?
    How exactly is the control managed once the observers are out on their station so the palestininan church leaders make sure they only meet "the Arabs whom the Arab Christian leadership deem acceptable".
    Is there an arab bishop sneaking in the bushes everyday to control the moves of the EAPPI-staff ?
    Are there one Bishop for each observer or do they have aides for the shadowing service ?

    So, don´t lecture me on what is ridiculous !

    Basically you seem to hate christians.
    I hope you will meet Jesus some day who can open your eyes and help you to cope with your hate !

    God bless you !

  4. A real fallacious argument you have going there Hasse. Building strawmen to knock them down doesn't make for honest debate.

    The Tundra Tabloids has documented time and again these groups just mentioned churning out one anti-Israel boob after another.

    EAPPI volunteers are a dependent upon others within the existing network, which are very hostile to Israel.

    I know Christians in Israel, and THEY tell me, as well as other researchers that I KNOW personally who interview Christian Arabs anonymously, that this is the case.

    Calling me anti-Christian because I expose these highly hostile biased organizations for what they are, a propaganda arm of the Fattah, which goes well with their traditional view of themselves as "dhimmis"… ridiculous.

    The TT is one of the most vocal and consistant supporter of the Christian Arabs, but not of the their leadership, which is in bed with the terrorists.

  5. Hey Tundraman. if you claim to be "the most vocal and consistant supporter of the Christian Arabs", how come you have no Christian supporters ???

    Clearly the EAPPI-people personally know some Israelis who tell them what is real and not ?

    How can you be so sure thet the Cristians you know give you a better story than the Israelis the EAPPI´s know gives to them ?

    Get real! You trying the be the voice of the Christians is in the same division as if the EAPPI claimed to be the voice of the Jewish people!

  6. First of all, Joe W hasn't a clue of the many Christian supporters of the TT, how could he, since I'm the one that receives the mail.

    Secondly, I never said EAPPI volunteers don't know Israelis, but that they are from the radical Left-wing with whom they agree.

    Thirdly, the reason I know that the Christians I know are telling the truth, is because their stories can be backed with real facts.

  7. Well, even if I can´t read your mail, I can read your blog.

    Just like others point out you are more hateful to Christians than supportive. And then at the same time claiming you are their "true voice" it´s just to much.

    You would be funny if this was not a serious matter.

    If I would ask christians about the "christians" you know, they will probaly dismiss them just like you dismiss the Israelis speaking to EAPPI.

    Sorry but this is pathetic

  8. Put up or shut up Joe W. You are making so many wild claims without a scintilla of evidence, while I have provided an eye witness accounting of a call for SLIT THE JEWS THROATS having been uttered at a EAPPI affiliated lecture.

    These are the types that form the ranks of the radical church Left. I've been following it for years.

    You'll not find anything on my blog where I've been anti-Christian just for the sake of being anti-Christian.

    Your charges are baseless as well as your blind allegiance to an anti-Israel organization is disgusting.

    Pathetic describes your claims un fettered by any facts whatsoever… a tee.

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