Col.Sanders: Look what they’ve done
to both me and my company
They should have never promoted the “Halal” practice in the first place, the late Colonel is spinning in his grave. Like in the situation over in France, where a fast food chain, “Quick” started to serve an all Halal menu to the bitter dissapointment of many of its Christian clientele, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain is offering a trial run of an all halal chicken menu at a number of its stores across Britain.
Understandably, the Christian community doesn’t want to be forced with the prospect of either eating Islamic Halal food, or going without. The Muslims are all in a tizzy because KFC admitted to stunning all birds before slaughter, and then it was found out that a majority of the birds slaughtered, were done so by machine. The whole scenario is bizarre as it is stupid, and should have been avoided altogether. KGS

KFC halal row in Britain, Colonel Sanders summoned to the Lancashire Council of mosques

LONDON // A trial involving the sale of halal poultry at dozens of outlets of a fast-food chain across Britain has left groups of Christians and Muslims embroiled in two very different controversies.
On one hand, non-Muslim groups are setting up internet petitions against KFC’s move to sell halal-only products in the trial at 74 of its outlets across the country. On the other, Muslims themselves are questioning whether, in fact, the poultry being sold is truly halal.
The controversy follows a row in France, where seven stores in the Quick chain of hamburger restaurants switched to selling only halal turkey burgers, sparking protests from non-Muslim French communities.
Halal slaughter methods have long been controversial in the UK. Almost six years ago, the Farm Animal Welfare Council, an independent group of experts appointed to advise the government, called for both halal and kosher slaughtering to be banned immediately because of the suffering it caused to animals. The main reason cited by the council was that in both religious practices, the animals were not pre-stunned before being cut and bled to death. The government, fearing a backlash from Muslim and Jewish communities, ignored the report.
Both halal and kosher slaughterers have an exemption from the pre-stunning that is a legal requirement at UK abattoirs for all other livestock.
However, the question of whether pre-stunning is allowed by Islam has become a hot topic of debate within the Muslim community in Britain.
KFC admits that its poultry is pre-stunned, but says this is approved by the Halal Food Authority (HFA), which has certified all the stores in the current trial. Many Muslims, however, say the HFA’s standards are not strict enough.


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