By Steven Plaut

We are progressive, caring, socially advanced, egalitarian and freedom-loving Anti-Zionists. Here we present to you our Grand Marching Song. Set to John Philip Sousa. All together:

We believe in enlightened government and progress.
And that is why we support Arab fascism.
We believe in peace.
And that is why we support all military aggression against Israel.
We believe in democracy.
And that is why we believe that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that must be destroyed.
We believe in freedom.
And that is why we support Syria and Iran, and of course the Hamas.
We believe in the freedom of speech and of the press.
And that is why we support the Palestinian Authority.
We believe in self-determination and self-definition for all.
But not for Jews.
We oppose violence.
And that is why we support Palestinian terror.
We believe in human dignity.
And that is why we applaud when Arabs blow up Jewish women and children.
We believe in human rights.
And for this reason we support Arab atrocities.
We believe in fraternity and the brotherhood of nations.
Which is why Israel must be de-Zionized and converted into a clone of Rwanda.
We believe in voting.
Which is why we applaud Libya, Sudan, Iran, and Syria and demand that Israel be destroyed.
We believe in freedom of movement.
Except for Jews.
We favor equality.
As in Syria, Iran and Libya.
We favor minority rights.
But not for Jews, Kurds, Southern Sudanese, Copts or any other politically incorrect groups.
We believe in freedom.
But do not mind that slavery still exists in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere among Arabs.
We believe in a free press.
And so we support censorship by the PLO and Hamas.
We believe in freedom to practice religion.
But only for Moslems.
We believe in affirmative action preferences for those who suffered from past discrimination.
But not for Jews.
We believe in progress and enlightenment.
And so we support Jihad and pogroms.
We believe in egalitarianism.
And so we support demands for ethnic cleansing of the Middle East to drive out the Jews.
We love children and living things.
And this is why we applaud suicide bombers.
We hate it when people blame the victims.
Which is why all terrorism is the Jews’ fault.
We believe in education.
As long as we never have to read any books.
We believe in multiculturalism.
As long as no one ever has to learn respect for the Jews or for the West or for Amerika.
We believe in progress.
And so we celebrate barbarism and savagery.
We believe in progress.
As long as Arab countries never are asked to progress beyond the 12th century.
We believe in democracy.

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