I blue and blacken for my prophet
You know, it never fails to amaze me, perhaps it shouldn’t, (but I like giving the average person the benefit of the doubt, I’m funny that way) that when I get a Muslim commentor, they always try to defend, or oeven promote Islam as being such a vehicle for social reform, like the (eyes rolling here) emancipation of the female, even before the such reforms were enacted in the West.
It would be entirely humorous if it weren’t such a sad example of the state of mind of those who actually believe such lies to be true. These Muslims respond and comment to the Tundra Tabloids just like little children having been read a bed time story about the tooth fairy. For an example, the Muslima Aklem recently commented to this post that:
Aklem: “The Quran is why the scientists have the knowledge that they have today, believe it or not ! Islam is why the women have the rights they have today, not because of “vote women’s rights”!”
Honestly, she actually believes it, or perhaps, she knows it to be false, but can’t stand to see her cult besmirched and so she holds two competing thoughts and deems both to be true.  A feat that’s truely Islamic in itself.

So this is for all those “Muslimas” and Leftists in the world who read these pages, who believe Islam is usch a “liberating” ideology. Here’s a Highly placed Islamic authority who knows what the Koran says, and how the unruly female should be handled, or should I say, man handled. KGS

– ALGIERS, MARCH 15 – The proposal to introduce prison terms for men who beat their wives goes against the Koran and the teachings of the prophet Mohamed, according to the head of Algeriàs Superior Islamic Council.
Qaher Sharif fiercely criticised the bill presented to the head of state Abdelaziz Bouteflikàs by the head of the Consultative Council on Human Rights Farouk Qustantiti.
“This man’s aim is to violate a law of the Koran and of the Sunnah, and he meddles in subjects that are beyond his competence”, Sharif said in an interview with the Arab-language edition of the daily newspaper El Khabar.
“Hés done it before with the death penalty, and now with beatings,” he added, asking “what difference can it make to him what goes on between a man and his wife?”
The President of the Islamic Council said that he was stunned by Qustantinìs proposal, because “God has already pointed out precisely the way that a husband must behave towards his wife”.
He quoted verses 34 and 35 of the Surah on women, in which men are advised to “admonish women, confine them to their bed and beat them” should they commit “nushooz”, a term signifying both infidelity and a refusal of sexual intercourse. Sharif pointed out that the text is so precise that it indicates the method of punishment to be used against the wife, and that this should be neither “too insistent, nor provoke disfigurement”.

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