Lets be clear here. J-Street is the radical Left’s pathetic attempt to confuse US elected officials and pro-Israel supporters into believing that their agenda has Israel’s best interests at heart. The pseudo pro-Israel organization “J-Street”, has been proven time and again to promote a radical Leftist view of the Arabs’ conflict with the Jewish state, making them not pro-Israel, but pro-terrorist activists in drag.
CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck takes a closer look at “J-Street”, and spots a bunch of disingenuous liars and pretenders instead, that are more interested in berating Israel’s closest supporters, than pointing out the actions of Israel’s worst enemies.
It’s an approach that mirrors far-Lefty Christian organizations that parrot the anti-Israel dogma of Palestinian church leaders in the PA administered areas, who behave in the same manner as did church officials in the Russian Orthodox Church in the former USSR. The Tundra Tabloids believes that Erick Stakelbeck delivers the full goods on J-Street, whose agenda doesn’t dovetail with that of Jerusalem’s, but with Ramallah’s. KGS
Have you ever heard of a supposedly “pro Israel” group that has issued more press releases condemning Christian Zionists than it has Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, Hezbollah and Syria combined? No? Then welcome to J Street, the self-described “pro Israel, pro peace” lobbying group that bends over backwards to insult Israel’s friends and supporters, especially evangelical Christians, and makes a living off of criticizing Israeli government policies.
I’ve discussed J Street’s naked anti-Christian bigotry before (see here and here) but since they are at it again (more on that in a bit), I felt compelled to undertake a little research project. I went to J Street’s website and surveyed the group’s press releases from the past year and a half. The results? To start, four press releases (including one from February 1, 2010) attacking John Hagee and Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Indeed, two of J Street’s first four press releases were devoted to slamming Hagee. Talk about misguided priorities: a purportedly pro-Israel group using all of this ink on Hagee and evangelical supporters of Israel at a time when Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria are stockpiling increasingly lethal weapons and publicly calling for Israel’s destruction.
In those press releases, J Street essentially painted Hagee–a man Senator (and orthodox Jew) Joseph Lieberman once compared to Moses–as a closet anti-Semite and portrayed Christian supporters of Israel as some sort of wild-eyed, apocalyptic death cult (a strategy which this release by J Street’s founder, Jeremy Ben-Ami, took to new extremes). But what may be even more offensive is that J Street has come up with exactly one–one–press release condeming genocidal Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. And zero press releases condeming either Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah or Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, two others who regularly threaten Israel’s demise.
If J Street wants “end times” and “apocalyptic,” then Ahmadenijad, Assad and Nasrallah–who all met yesterday in Damascus to plot further attacks against Israel–are certainly the real deal. So why the bizarre preoccupation with evangelical Christians, an extremely large and influential group that Israeli government officials of every political persuasion routinely hail as among the Jewish people’s greatest friends and supporters?

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