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Here’s a thought provoking piece by Esther, over at her blog, Islam in Europe. Esther explores the reasons why anti-Islamization of Europe is not vigorously taken up by many within the various Jewish communities around Europe. I think that she raises many a good point in her highlighting the difficult choices Jews have in defending their way of life in a secular Europe, during a time in which Europeans themselves, are defending their own cultural heritage from being usurped by an Islamization agenda.
The Tundra Tabloids has long been on record as not being against circumcision, nor against the ritual slaughtering of animals to meet religious requirements. For the TT, it has never been an issue, nor should it be. What is being objected to however, at least here on these pages, is the subjecting of non-Muslims to adhere to Islamic religious requirements, whether it be in the form of food, seperate swimming periods, a non-Muslim elected officials wearing a headscarf in a Mosque or while in a Muslim land, just to name a few.
Jews and Judaism, do not demand nor expect the non-Jewish community to adhere to its own set of Jewish religious laws and precepts, that is for Jews only. Islam however, demands (when the situation presents itself) for all to be submissive to Islamic mores and statutes, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in the form of limited autonomy (dhimmitude). Their understanding of religious harmony rests upon the understanding that Islam is the “protector” the Jew and the Christian, but only in accordance to its own set of rules.
Esther brings up a badly needed discussion on whether or not, insistance on restricting religious observences for Muslims, which inadvertently effects Jews, is a wise and moral thing to do. The Tundra Tabloids believes that it’s immaterial how often one prays, what the person eats, and how often they attend a religious service. What should matter most for those who deem themselves to be a part of the Counterjihad, is the Islamic agenda of forcing one’s own political/religious views upon the other, (Islamization and sharia) as well as supporting, or at least deeming to be valid, the ‘stealth’ and militaristic institution of the jihad.

Read up what Esther has to say, and comment on her blog as well. Remember, Jews over the centuries have always been the very first to feel the brunt of public discontent, those of us in the Counterjihad movement should ensure that the issue of Islamization, be not used as a means to insist that Jews become completely assimilated, thereby divorcing themselves from their own religious heritage. That’s antisemitism, and that should never be the goal, and something that the Tundra Tabloids will never be in approval of. KGS

Opinion: Why don’t the Jews join us?

An orthodox Jewish reader once asked me why Islam-critics criticize EVERYTHING about Islam. Why do they criticize the religious aspects and don’t just focus on violent Islamic ideology?
Keep this question in mind as you read this.
A recent article in The Daily Telegraph brings a story which is repeated in various ways across Europe. Malmö, Sweden, is the city with one of the highest proportion of Muslim residents, and its small Jewish community is fleeing an increase in Muslim antisemitic attacks.
Various anti-Islam, Islam-critical, counter-Jihad etc blogs and activists expect Jews to stand with them against the Muslims. But Jews don’t always do so, and, sometimes, for good reason.
I do not deny the threat of Muslim antisemitism. But why put the Jews on the spot? When anti-Islam protesters wave Israeli flags, they might want to show that they’re not antisemitic. They might want to make the Muslims mad. But what they’re actually doing is focusing the hatred at the Jews. The Jews are a tiny minority in Europe, and one which has been through quite a lot. Why put them on the spot more than anybody else, and certainly more than any other endangered minority?
On the other hand, I do not think the only threat comes from Muslim antisemitism.
Jews face various threats, one of them being Muslim antisemitism. Aside from that, Jews also suffer from Christian antisemitism, general European foreigner-rejection, and the possibility of genocide by proxy with the goading of the far left. Even if they would be accepted with open arms, Jews face two much more serious threats.
The first is the threat of assimilation. It’s been called the ‘Silent Holocaust’. As Jews become more and more like their non-Jewish neighbors, as they reject ancient religious traditions and accept liberal values instead, they face the prospect of losing their Jewish identity.
And now, another threat appears on the horizon. Championed by the Islam-critics, European countries are starting to consider banning basic Jewish traditions. Female modesty, boy’s circumcision, kosher food, the sanctity of the Sabbath and Jewish holidays – all are being put on the chopping block.
I’ve written this in the past, and I will say it again: if circumcision and kosher food would be criminalized in Europe, Orthodox Jewry would disappear from Europe almost immediately. The core of Jewish life would disappear completely. Non-religious Jews would stay on and keep on being Jewish, but statistics show us that their grand-grandchildren have a very small chance of identifying as Jews and an almost zero chance of being Jewish according to Jewish law. If there would be no religious Jewish community, they would have nothing to return to, either.

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  1. besides the islamics, who wants to go 700 yrs backwards ?

  2. I have a pic for you from tampere, where do i send it or submit it ?

  3. What? "Jews also suffer from Christian antisemitism"

    Jews are not all Semites. In fact most are not but the Arabs are all Semites.

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