Catherine Ashton:Be friendly with Hamas,
the action “cannot be conducive to peace and stability in the ME”

Buffoon. Sure it can. The elimination of leaders in the Fakestinian genocidal movement of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and of leaders of other terrorist organizations as well, is always a good development. Fanatics by nature, do not change their tune because someone is offering nice incentives, they should be captured and put in jail for life, and if that’s not an option, dispatched from the land of the living.
The European Union is a hypocritical organization. At a time when they are in battle with terrorist jihadi thugs in Afghanistan, targeting these terrorists for death, and killing who knows how many people in the process, not intentionally of course, they expect Israel to sit still and not touch any of the terrorists that are planning the murders of their citizens. What a bunch of hypocrits.
The EU is full of these Eurabiast Eurocrats who bloviate about peace with terrorists, but yet take a united stand against Basque separatists. They’re prepared to demand that Israel enter into dialogue with jihadi terrorists, but take the fight to the terrorists that threaten them. Like I said, hypocrits. KGS

NOTE: All there is at this time, is innuendo. The Tundra Tabloids looks to Iran as the better candidate for offing al-Mabhuh.

EU slams killing of Hamas official, misuse of passports

(BRUSSELS) – EU foreign ministers voiced outrage Monday at the assassination of a Hamas chief and the use of fake European passports by the killers as they subjected their Israeli counterpart to a grilling.
“The killing of Mahmud al-Mabhuh in Dubai raises issues which are profoundly disturbing,” the ministers said in a joint statement released after talks in Brussels.
The action “cannot be conducive to peace and stability in the Middle East,” the 27 European Union nations insisted, without naming Israel.
Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband had no such qualms, urging Israeli leaders to give their “full cooperation” to an international investigation into the assassination.
Voicing “profound concern” after talks with Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman, Miliband said leaders at “the highest level in Israel” had to cooperate with the probes in Dubai and among countries whose passports were used fraudulently.
Israel maintained there was nothing to link it to the killing in a Dubai hotel on January 20.
“There is no proof Israel is involved in this affair, and if somebody had presented any proof, aside from press stories, we would have reacted,” Lieberman said in a statement from his office.
The EU focused its ire on the use of European passports by the killers.
“We strongly condemn the use of fraudulent EU member states’ passports and credit cards acquired through the theft of EU citizens’ identities,” they said.
Britain, Ireland, France and Germany — whose faked or stolen passports were involved — last week called in Israeli envoys for talks at their foreign ministries.
Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said Monday the culprits must be punished, stressing that political assassinations “have no place in the 21st century.”
Mabhuh, a founder of Hamas’ armed wing, was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai on January 20.

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