Joyce Kaufman Pro-Israel


This is powerful. Joyce Kaufman shows just exactly why we need to confront the outright lies and disinformation about Israel that has been spread thoughout the academy, media and political branches of government. Supporting Israel is the only smart thing to do.
The Tundra Tabloids has been saying the same thing for years. In order to counter the anti-Israel nonsense, there has to be a concerted effort by the friends of the Jewish state to stand up and be counted. The Leftist loons and their Muslim cohorts do not lack in energy in trying to distort the historical record of the conflict and the founding of Israel. There is no lie to great for them to use.
Thanks to Al Avai for this video, Joyce Kaufman tells it like it is, not holding anything back. We need much much  more like her. More of us need to get hats that read “infidel” and “I am a proud supporter of Israel” and wear them in public, and not shy away. KGS

UPDATE: Bare Naked Islam has the following to say in the comments: Not trying to promote my own website here but thought this story about Obama’s arms embargo on Israel was relevant and it has not received any coverage in the MSM. Bare Naked Islam:

Obama BANS WEAPONS SALES TO ISRAEL yet sells $$billions in arms to Arab states

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  1. BNI, you can promote your site here any day of the week. It's an honor I tell ya.


  2. KGS, the honor would be mine. Thank you.


  3. Costin, I agree, we need more people like this woman. We have let the opposition manage the debate for far too long.

    Bonni, you're more than welcome.


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