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Mohammedans really do worship me

More seething going on in Oslo, Norway, as Muslim taxidrivers seethe, moan and wail at the Norwegian moon over the Dagbladet’s publishing of the dreaded picture of Mo. Yawn. KGS
Seething taxi driver, Rashad Munir:
We wanted to show our opposition to it
that makes a mockery of our values…….
[A large number of Oslo taxi drivers already have been charged with tax evasion and welfare fraud. Now Oslo police suspect around 40 drivers and even more taxi owners of having close contact with Pakistani gangs, and operating as couriers of arms and drugs.]

Saturday 6.2.2010 at 05.22

A thousand taxi drivers of Muslim background interrupted their work late Friday, early Saturday moring in protest of the Oslo-Prophet Muhammad cartoons.
The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, released on Wednesday one of the illustrations on its front page.
Spontaneous demonstration was launched on Friday evening, and urged the busy men behind the wheel to park their cars during the period of two and four o’clock. According to police, the protest went peacefully.
Dagbladet used the drawings to illustrate a story, according to which the security police PST’s website has a link to the infamous cartoon images that have given rise to such bad blood. In the drivers’ view, the publication of the picture, was once again unnecessary.
– We wanted to show our opposition to it that makes a mockery of our values, “said the driver Munir Rashad.

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  1. Let them seethe and seethe … and then seethe off back to beheading countries.
    Last time I looked, Norway wasn't an islamic country. Goodbye, medieval fascists.

  2. "Our values". Interesting. Last time I looked (I'm Norwegian,) "our" values were all about democracy, free speech …

    or have i missed something crucial about Norway the 20 years I've been away? Is it now a muslim country where people who follow the desert warrior laws of 1400 years ago rule the roost?

    That's interesting. Yeah, I thought Norway was a modern democracy. "Democracy" meaning " rule of people" not "rule of throwbacks from the middle ages whose idea of marriage is selling a nine-year old to her 97 year old grand uncle?"

    You laugh. I wish i could.

  3. Islam is a filth and sooner or later so-called liberals will have to decide.
    Democracy or Islam- we cannot have both.

  4. F#c* these scum and their murdering, caravan raiding, pedeophilic, psychopathic false prophet and their sociopathic evil "religion." I'd crawl on my bare hands and knees through a desert before I'd pay a Muslim taxi driver a red cent.

  5. bwahahahahahaaaaa! this is hilarious!
    dance you satan worshipping puppets!
    your allah hates you, for he is satan.
    god told about the coming of mohummud when he spoke of the false prophet.
    god warned of your allah when he spoke of false idols.
    we all forgive you, and PRAY for you, even though your allah makes you PREY on us.

  6. Islam is certainly the problem and the best way to understand and counter these Islamofashits is to listen to exMuslims that have seen the light and now work hard to awaken Muslims so that they all leave this cult.. eg where Dr Sina offer $50,000 usd to any muslim scholar that can win a debate where he acccuses Muhammad of serious crimes. This site looks to support and continue the trend of Muslims leaving islam.. the good news is that Millions are leaving Islam and the ones that are left are not the smartest ones.. try search 'millions leave islam' on for more details..

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