Snake Ramadan: It is a European religion. Get used to it. Some people will want to wear their religious symbols, just like nuns wear habits. What’s wrong with that?  
ALI: Islam is not a European religion. There are Muslims in Europe, and they bring Islam to Europe. Islam is a set of beliefs. It’s a set of values. And what we are seeing in Europe is that there is conflict between the values of Europe and the values of Islam.  And those Muslims who adapt, choose to adapt to the values of Europe will become Europeans, and they will be able to believe and to practice the religious dimension of their religion of Islam. But they will not be able — and I think they’re going to run into problems if they try to bring political Islam into Europe, and that’s what we’re seeing. We are having a discussion about the political dimension of Islam.  Islam has a political dimension. It has a social dimension, for instance, women’s position. It also has a religious dimension. We are not having a discussion about praying five times a day, fasting at Ramadan, et cetera. But we are having a discussion about basic human values that European have resolved and Muslims have not. Read the whole transcript here, courtesy of Sheik Yer’Mami

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