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Thiessen explains waterboarding, and how Obama’s anti-inhanced interrogation technique policies are crippling US efforts in gathering intelligence, thereby making the US less safe. Facinating interview, and show just how much disinformation is out there, peddled by the MSM and other left wing organizations with the expressed intention on derailing the Bush administration. Sick. KGS
Thiessen: “Abu Zabeida was the first terrorist to be waterboarded by the CIA. After he was waterboarded, this was a very senior al-Qaida leader, after he was waterboarded he thanked his interrogators for waterboarding him, and he said “you must do this for all the brothers”.
Now why would a terrorist thank us for waterboarding him? The answer he told was, it lifted a moral burden from his shoulders, the burden to resist. The jihadi philosophy he explained to us is that allah is going to prevail no matter what, we’re infidels, and no matter what he says allah is going to prevail.
So his responsibility to allah is to resist as far as he can and then once he has reached his limit he is free to spill his guts. so if you know that, that is their philosophy, this was the first guy who told us, then applied to KSM and other terrorists, so if you know that, what do you do? You find techniques that you know are safe, that will not harm the terrorist, that will not cause them severe pain nor any lasting injury, that are within our laws and give him something to resist.”

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