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Burnt church in “moderate” Malaysia

Actually, the Tundra Tabloids is of the opinion that Christians in Muslim countries (and elsewhere) should use the word “allah” only when describing the relation of the Muslim deity with the moon god. Allah isn’t the God of the Jews (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and the Christians, the “Three Abrahamic Faiths” meme is a bunch of hooey. KGS

They’re innocent of course!

Malaysia charges 3 Muslims for church firebombing

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (al-AP) – Malaysian government prosecutors have charged three Muslim men with allegedly attacking a church with a firebomb.
They are the first suspects to be taken to court in connection to a string of assaults on places of worship amid a dispute over whether non-Muslims can use the word “Allah” to refer to God.
Government lawyer Anselm Charles Fernandis says the three suspects pleaded innocent in a Kuala Lumpur district court Friday to starting a fire that partially gutted a Protestant church on Jan. 8.
The suspects, in their 20s, face a maximum prison sentence of up to 20 years if convicted. The court did not immediately schedule a trial date.
Eleven churches were attacked in the past three weeks, mainly involving firebombs that caused minor damage.

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  1. Security has been stepped up in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur after three churches were attacked after a controversial court decision. The administrative office of one church was destroyed in a firebomb attack and angry protesters tried to set two other churches on fire nearby.

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