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A Sikh delivers his message at the EDL demonstration yesterday in Stoke England. Thanks to Aeneas for the text. KGS

The Fight Goes On – Speech at EDL Demonstration at Stoke-on-Trent by Guramit Singh EDL

I would first like to start today to remember a fellow admin of Walsall Martin Barrasford, our hearts go out to your family, and also the soldiers abroad and all their families at home, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, and finally all the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, god bless you all.
For nearly a year now the EDL have been fighting against the threat of militant Islam, sharia law being introduced, and supporting our soldiers abroad, I think the government have forgot just how much of a threat militant Islam is, have they forgot about 9/11, have they forgot about 7/7, have they forgot about the hostage situation in Russia in 2004 where 1200 were kept hostage for 3 days and 300 were murdered, nearly 200 of which were children, all done in the name of Islam.
Although I don’t believe the introduction of sharia law to be an immediate threat it is a worry we have to face now, the enemy is knocking at our door but this government refuses to answer due to its politically correct madness, I don’t want a future where my children or grandchildren will have to bow before Islam, I don’t want a future for my children where I have to worry if a Muslim man would be able to have sex with my daughter when she is a minor and him having a legal right to do so, I don’t want to see the grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters of this great land suppressed by Islam, I don’t want to have to worry if they are beaten, hanged, stoned, raped, or even circumcised due to the freedom they enjoy, the suffragettes suffered and fought for women’s rights in this country, I don’t want this country to go back in time.
For close to a year the EDL have been marching making the public and government aware of these threats to this country, one issue we have highlighted time and time again is our concerns aboutislam4uk, which is led by hate cleric Anjem Choudary and his team of militant cowardly goons, the same person that spits on this country and its people and then has the audacity to claim benefits from it to support himself and his family, the same organisation which praises the terrorists attacks I highlighted earlier and fully supports them, only recently the government banned his farce of an organisation islam4uk after their proposed march on Wooten basset, too late Mr Gordon Brown, the damage has been done, we ask you to listen to our plea now, we have proven our theories are correct, already Anjem Choudary and his team of rats is starting a new organisation, your ban on islam4uk has not deterred them, let’s start with banning his and all of his organisations benefits, they’re trying so hard to disrupt this country I find it quite frankly impossible they are actively seeking work to be in legal receipt of them, from there start putting them on the watch list and infiltrate any areas of concern, from there start deporting them to foreign countries such as Afghanistan they are so clearly concerned about.
The public needs to wake up and start putting pressure on the government to start doing something about this, Bob Spink MP Early Day Motion 288, it highlights the use of sharia courts in this country and puts an end to them, one law for all men and women the common law, it also bans all radical Muslims from this country, please write to your local mp to sign the EDM288, it’s a start, it’s not racist to love your country, it’s not racist to fight for your children’s future, it’s not racist to highlight the threat of militant Islam and what it is trying to achieve and fight against it, it’s not racist to join the EDL!!!
Recently a reporter recently classed me as ‘the anti-racist poster boy for the EDL’, no member of the EDL put a knife to my throat and forced me to join, I’m not being paid or reading from a speech someone has wrote for me, that’s not the EDL’s terms of practise, unlike militant Islam, I researched into the English Defence League and agreed with its views 100%, I marched in Nottingham, spoke with members and knew this was a subject I felt very strongly about and joined, and have never regretted since, the UAF are at home now thinking my God, it looks like this is a non-racist organisation, I know what we can do, we’ll call him a racist Sikh, but what about my black friend who’s here speaking for the EDL, well we’ll have to call him a black racist as well they’ll say, but what about all the different faiths colours and creeds I’ve been meeting, I’m finding it getting more multicultural as days go by, they have no excuses, their accusations are now lies, the Nazi’s are racist, militant Islam is racist, they do not accept anybody apart from their own, this is the English Defence League and we shun your comments of racism because it does not exist in this organisation.
Sikhs for 100’s of years have been fighting militant Islam and have not lost yet, from bringing down the Mogul Empire to defending its people during partition, to the recent terrorist attacks in India, the Sikh regiment has stood and fought alongside Great Britain in WW1 and WW2 to name a few, well this British Sikh is going to stand alongside the English Defence League and fight militant Islam.

I leave you with the words of Sir Winston Churchill.
We shall fight on the seas and shores….
We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air..
We shall defend our island whatever the cost maybe….
We shall fight on the beaches….
We shall fight on the landing grounds….
We shall fight in the fields and the streets….
We shall fight in the hills….But….


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  1. Guramit Singh go back to india, your not english anymore and you never have been,once the muzzies are gone its the hindus sikhs blacks and jews next.

  2. I know this guy, his sister was filmed getting shagged by a paki. That's were all the anger comes from! She's a right goer! Never mind Mr Singh, at least it was a punjabi that banged her.

  3. patrick and rob u r all ignorant people who havent been educated clearly

  4. It's really getting to the sharia socialists and the sharia loons that we're on to them, and we're going to keep going and keep getting the public educated about islam.

    EDL now has a Jewish Division, to add to the Gay Division. Groups that failed communists like the UAF would never protect are coming to the EDL. The EDL is creating a new unified force, a rainbow coalition of patriotic brits. The working class are the heros of this movement, and that's why the jumped-up middle classes can't stand to have their power usurped. Phony representatives of the working class like the SWP, UAF and Labour Party are being shamed for their failure to stand up to islamic fascism (which Al Mawdudi freely admit islam is).

    We see from the above comments that the opposition of the EDL have no arguments, merely insults. They are pathetic, and it's there for all to see.

  5. As a pro-white American I am impressed to see whites Britians standing to keep Britian white. However I find it utterly stupid that whites are being taken for suckers against the ragheads for doing 9/11 when it was Jews. It was Jews who also did 7/7 as well. I don't want any Muslim here or in Europe but at the same time I want all the Jews out even a slight bit more for all the crap they pull. If whites don't wake up to the enemy we are in bed with then we will always have the problem with other races as well.

    google "prothink"

  6. LOOL, this is deep irony, a brown guy is leading a racist group against 'pakis' and hate towards Islam, Muslim brothers and sisters, do not insult his religion, cos' he is not following it, Sikhs don't promote hate. EDL are full of illiterate, chavy, white people who dropped out of school to early and lead by the BNP, and other powerful people, who carry their own sentiments, leading these brainless fools like children. EDL followers want a sense of belonging and are jumping on to this bandwagon because they have never been on a political agenda, or because, a 'paki' has taken their job, because its only 'pakis' who take jobs right?. isn't it the person with the better qualification who would get the job?, hence, they are illiterate. its a joke, these people are going nowhere, they will be turned down and spat at by the general public, just like the BNP. Just because they turn up in increasing numbers doesn't intimidate me, when they insult Islam, only the worlds largest religion- i think its them who should begin to worry. Proud to be Muslim

  7. "Patrick said…

    Guramit Singh go back to india, your not english anymore and you never have been,once the muzzies are gone its the hindus sikhs blacks and jews next."

    THIS SAYS IT ALL. Shese sheep Sikhs and Jews think they are safe. You are next as your EDL mate Patshitrick states. I have many Sikh mates, they are shamed of this prick, Gurashit.

    Jews, remember EDL's forefathers, used to burn you on boats as "Jesus Killers" and caused the Holocaust and Muslims gave you refuge throughout history!

    Not all Christians, Jews, Sikhs or Hindus buy this Nazi racist crap. They know they are next.


  8. what a shit existence you must have!!

  9. What a total joke this guy is. He is being taken for a ride – what he fails to understand is the sikhs and Hindus and all other coloured people will be next. Perhaps he should become a white nazi loving fascist and have a color change like Wacko Jacko then maybe he will avoid detection when all non-whites are removed. I hope you get what you deserve.

  10. And you lack the intellectual honesty to relay things accurately as they are. The EDL are anti-fascist as they are anti-islamofascist.

    You bring nothing at all to the plate except the old boiler plate talking points from the loony left, where surprise, all the fascism originates.

    Get lost.

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