By way of GOV, Aeneas files this report live from the demo. KGS

Demonstration in Stoke on 23 January 2010
The latest English Defence League (EDL) demonstration against sharia and Islamic extremism is currently taking place in Stoke. This follows their successful campaign against Islam4UK which now, thanks to their unwavering and courageous efforts, is a banned organisation within the United Kingdom. This banning appears to have been undertaken very reluctantly by the British Government, a Government that tolerated this threat to British security for far too long. Without the pressure from the EDL it might never have happened.
Today, a British Sikh comes to the EDL speaker’s podium. Ethnic minorities are now playing an active an committed part in EDL activities and will hopefully be an integral part of the future EDL leadership. EDL has always reached out to the broad ethnic variety that now comprises modern Britain, despite the smears that have come from the direction of the political establishment and so-called anti fascist organisations. Sikh patriots have now come forward and soon other components of modern Britain will come forward to defend the land against tyranny and oppression.
The English Defence League has demonstrated clearly how it wants to engage with all groups in society in its opposition to the corrosive and divisive issue of sharia. There are many commentators that cry fascist when it comes to the EDL.
The counter jihad movement in Britain that is now operating under the umbrella of the EDL and has made its multicultural credentials clear for all to see. The EDL will be working tirelessly to engage with other groups from a variety of ethnic backgrounds from across England and beyond. The EDL is in the process of uniting a new England comprising of people who originate from across the world. The values of this new Englishness are a pride in being English and embracing the best of English culture, being patriotic and loyal to the country and demonstrating a willingness to come together with others to demonstrate brotherhood and unity. England has always been a haven for people who want to be English, whatever their ethnic background, but it has never been a haven for tyranny and despotic systems. The country has a long and proud history of standing up to oppression of which sharia is the latest manifestation.
On the football field, it does not matter what country a player’s family originates in. That family came to England for a reason and that reason is freedom. People migrate to England to embrace liberty and realise their ambitions to be all that they can be. On the football field in international competition all that matters is pride in being English and the will to win. The World Cup in 2010 will demonstrate a new Englishness, a pride in nation and a sense of belonging to a changed yet familiar culture, a culture enhanced by migrants seeking freedom from all parts of the former British Empire and elsewhere.
The powers that be want the English to be in a disunited state so that they can impose their will on them. The EDL are now the definitive unifying force in modern England and their sister organisations provide an equivalent force in all of Britain. The British people will not be divided by those in power but will come together in unity and create a culture that opposes the tyranny of sharia whatever their family origin or ancestral background. They are united in their Britishness, their Englishness, their Scottishness, their Welshness and their Irishness. The British Isles are becoming the archetype of the unity that will bring people together in the counter jihad cause from all parts of the world and from all positions in society.
The EDL is a unifying force in Britain, and hysterical allegations to the contrary should be regarded as false. They should be regarded as allegations from a debased and devalued political establishment that wants to cling to power at all costs. The new England will rejoice when such people are out of office and when others who reflect modern Britain have taken their place.

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