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The Tundra Tabloids periodically receives smoking comments from various members of the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO), and for your own amusement,as for the TT’s, it is republished for all to see.
This time around the commentor, Zeeshan 112, visits the TT and leaves the following outburst of rage due to a post making fun of highly bigoted, terrorism supporting, antisemitic Islamic cleric who was the mentor of Osama Bin-Laden. The TT includes the hilarious video by Vlad Tepes that was a part of the offending post. KGS

“bastered”! u have no respect towards ur own religion nd Prophet PBUH. u do not belong to a religion. u have no self-respect!!!


NOTE:  The same commentor Zeeshan 112 also complains about this post as well:

its all crap to say that the Prophet of God Muhammad PBUH (who was sent as mercy upon manking/universe/ as being a Prophet to all the ppl not just the Muslims) forced any1 or told the ppl to arrange forced marriages!!!

TT: Then why is it that in all Muslim countries the practice has solid societal backing? Mo most certainly approved of the practice when he was given the little six year old girl Aisha to rape at the age of nine. Try again Zeeshan112. KGS

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