Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the following vid. Actually, the religious aspect of Islam is just the beard on the ideology. KGS

UPDATE:  Here’s a real back slapping high fiver for you, via Baron Bodissey:

“Why Teheran is Out of the Question”

Giuliano Amato, Giancarlo Bosetti and Ramin Jahanbegloo, members of Resetdoc’s scientific committee, have written a letter to UNESCO’s General Director Irina Bokova to prevent the 2010 World Philosophy Day from being hosted by Iran.
We believe that Iran’s candidature for the coming edition should not be considered as a normal rotation of location, since we are sadly aware, due to a very close experience, how one can be imprisoned and risk one’s life in Iran because of one’s ideas

Ya think?! It only adds to the humour to find out that resetdocs is a liberal outfit. KGS

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