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An anonymous Muslim visits the Tundra Tabloids and leaves an interesting comment to a post reporting on the three Somalis arrested almost a year ago trying to smuggle khat into the Helsinki airport in Vantaa Finland. The comment begins to be informative after the erroneous remark of “waycism” and that capitalism is wrong. KGS
This blog is outrageously racist but it was written by a hateful person, so it isn’t surprising. However, I do have some advice for Europeans who hate Muslim foreigners: HAVE BABIES! You need immigrants because the average age of Europeans now stands around 41, Is that the fault of Muslim immigrants? No, it’s the fault of an inheritantly selfish-materialist-consumerist culture. Let’s propose you drive out all the foreigners, who is going to run these huge geriatric colonies that the EU will become very soon? Like it or not; the median age in Turkey, Iran, Yemen, Morocco,Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt is about 17, In Denmark, Sweden,UK, Hungary, France, Germany and Spain the average age is 41! In the passion of your hatred, try to be realistic: ISLAM IS THE FUTURE OF EUROPE!

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  1. Most immigrants from Muslim countries are not only uneducated but educationally sub-normal. That means they do not have sufficient brains to be educated – probably because of the high rate of cousin marriage and the congenital disabilities this engenders.

    Among Muslims, Somalis are the most ESN of all. They are also prone to violence, as is being found wherever they have been allowed in.

    In the UK, almost 50% of Bangladeshis are unemployed or unemployable. For Somalis that figure mounts to 90%.

    So we are in a difficult position. Our population is going down, but we are now also saddled with a whole number of immigrants, who though young, are of no real use, unless we want people to riot, burn cars or take up Jihad. But there is really no market for this occupation

    Frankly, a nation state is n evolved entity that is based on a people with a common culture and language. This ensures the least friction between the populations. Multiculturalism, particularly when cultures are as disparate as Islam is from any other, is a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. The man has a point. The statistics tell us that even to maintain the current population level a minimum of 2.2 children per family is the absolute bottom line.

    So I say hooray for the ultra orthodox Jews in Israel whom I understand have about six plus children per family.

    No need to worry about immigrant Turks, etc., in their case.

    Forty years ago Finland had a population of five million.

    Today no growth but many more immigrants with no skills, no education, no Finnish language, alien culture, alien religion, and with no intention to adopt the core values of what still is a great country.

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