Herman Van Rompuy:
That’s right keep repeating it to yourself, over and over again:
“The EU is a union made up of sovereign member states”
UPDATE: Van Rompuy and the secret Belgian plot to rule Britain:

[Paul Belien: Today’s EU is a shotgun marriage for the peoples of Europe. When the Danes voted against the Maastricht Treaty, and the Irish against Nice and Lisbon, they had to vote again. When the French and Dutch rejected the EU Constitution, their verdict was discarded.

Britain’s Government simply denied its people a say on the Lisbon Treaty, so Westminster is now legally obliged to ‘contribute actively to the good functioning of the Union’ – i.e. to further the interests of the EU, rather than those of its own people.

Make no mistake, the EU is an empire with global ambitions. In his acceptance speech, President Van Rompuy extolled ‘global governance’. Legions of bureaucrats will rule the British from Brussels, the Belgian capital. Being proud of your Britishness will be criminalised, just as Brussels has always punished Flemings who put Flanders first.

Last November, Van Rompuy, although a Fleming himself, confessed in an interview: ‘I am a European because the European idea is an antidote for Flemish nationalism, an antivenin [an antitoxin against a snake’s venom] against the Flemish Movement.’ Two weeks later, he became the EU President. Van Rompuy is no harmless creature. He symbolises the conquest of Britain by Belgium, the monster created by Palmerston.]


This editorial is entirely the end result of the EU bureaucratic machine’s spending of member states’ contributions (tax payers’ money) to the promotion of itself. If the same was done on an individual state level, there would be cries of foul by the international democratic community followed by a demand for such undemocratic practices to come to an end. But you see, this is the EU, where paying lip service to democratic rule (while subverting it on a daily basis) is the preferred way of running government(s).

The Keskisuomalainen proudly adheres to the official EU line in today’s edition of the central Finland newspaper. One can only wonder what the editor in charge of the editorial page was thinking, when the highly contradictory article was given the go-ahead to be published. The editorial’s intention was to underline Finland’s continued independence, but it went on to shatter that myth in one paragraph after the other. For an example:
“The Lisbon Treaty entered into force in the beginning of December, it has been said that the appointments of  both the President and the High Representative for foreign policy constitutes a new stage in the European Union. Though the changes are undeniable, their true meaning has yet to be determined”
Huh? Did you get that? The paper boldly declares the independence of each member state is a fact, then admits that the changes brought on by the Lisbon Treaty are indeed a fact as well, but they haven’t a clue as to what it all means yet. Here’s another choice morsel:
“The aim of the Lisbon Treaty is to make the EU’s decision-making process more effective so that the Union would also be a stronger factor in international politics. Members undertake to accept the objectives of general principle, but on specific issues the formation of a common line will continue to be problematic for the union of independent states.”
In other words, the KS admits that the Lisbon Treaty mandates the EU to formulate a joint foreign policy for the supposedly still “sovereign” member states (which is a de facto usurping of sovereign rights as an independent state). Whether or not “smaller issues” will continue to constitute a problem for member states in the union is immaterial, for the basic premise is shattered, you either have a sovereign state (meaning a complete control over its own affairs) or you don’t. The Keskisuomalainen answers “no” to that question repeatedly throughout its editorial. How contradictory can you get? KGS

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