Such basket case Lefty dhimmis that
not even a shiv in the gut will change their minds
Erik Fosse pictured right:
You can stab me, but I’ll still pimp for you!

Thanks to the NIJ blog for the heads up on this story. Tundra Tabloids has reported on a number of times on Erik Fosse, the sidekick of Mads Gilbert, the two Norwegian state funded doctors who collaborated with Hamas in helping to disseminate anti-Israel propaganda during Operation Cast Lead. The two doctors also collaborated in writing a book on their collaboration experiences, called “Eyes in Gaza”, which has been promoted and supported by the Norwegian government.
Erik Fosse has now been stabbed by an Arab in Gaza, and in spite of having his blood spilt for being a foreigner in Gaza, he’s more than willing to blame the west, not the man who stabbed him. It’s a classic case of humanitarian racism: “the attributing of intrinsically reduced responsibilities for their acts to people from certain ethnic or national groups” (Manfred Gerstenfeld, Behind the Humanitarian Mask, pg.22)  Norway, Israel and the Jews blog reports the following:

NORWAC doctor Erik Fosse was stabbed yesterday while partaking in a rally in Gaza. He appears to have sustained a minor wound.

Unauthorized translation from Aftenposten:

– I take it as a sign of how desperate people are. They have cause to be dissatisfied with the west, he says.
– Why do you think precisely you were attacked?
Because I was the only blond western present. I understand that people are frustrated with the west. It is an expression of desperation. But of course one cannot stab people for this reason. The man who attacked me was a disturbed person, says Fosse.
He says there was only a small wound, since the knife-blade broke.
Another interpretation might be that Fosse’s attacker was frustrated with Hamas, the genocidal movement Fosse and Gilbert insist the west acknowledge as a legitimate organization and pressures Israel to negotiate with.
When Hamas went to war against Israel through a sustained rocket-barrage which lasted for years, the NORWAC doctors looked the other way. When Israel struck back and Hamas hid behind the unfortunate civilian population, the doctors published a book filled with photographs of maimed children. And now that Fosse is stabbed, it is the west’s fault.

NOTE: There’s the racism for you, this Lefty doctor KNOWS that the Arabs are racists, yet he continues to pimp their propaganda because he believes it helps to chip away at the credibility of Israel and the west that he hates.

UPDATE: The anti-Semites come out from the wood work! The Tundra Tabloids received the following comment from an anti-Semite who supports not only the Leftist radical Hamas loving doctors, but also the infamous Nazi = Zionist meme. No wonder pimping for Hamas comes so natural for these creeps.

Hey Creepo! First of all, the TT is hip to the fact that your usage of “Lebensraum” was a term used by the Nazis to indicate the “natural” boundaries for the German people. So the TT knows exactly where you are coming from. Secondly, that you would fawn over a book written by a couple of far Lefty kooks who manage to lie through their teeth at every turn during the Gaza war, speaks legions about your own morals.

Sir, if one is concerned with free speech, the smearing of persons with opposite views is counter-productive. All facts I am able to find indicate that your statements about Erik Fosse is wrong. I recommend reading the book “Eyes in Gaza”, by Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert. (http://www.hagenagency.no/?group=1689&subgroup=&art=12226) Then discuss the case, not Fosse and Gilbert. As for the Palestine – Israel conflict, one worrying theory covers all facts on the ground, from the past horrors of the Irgun and Stern gangs until today’s continous occupation, repression and stealing of land and water: The state of Israel needs Lebensraum and the people that stands in the way need to be removed, one way or the other. Do you see any substantial arguments against such an interpretation of the conflict?”

Thirdly, the acts committed by the Irgun and Stern gang PALE in comparison to the outrageous atrocities committed by the Arabs, who still to this day, refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for the brutal massacre of Jews during the Mandate period. Jews however, do offer their regrets over some acts of terror committed by the just mentioned gangs, who, by the way, ususally forwarned the authorities about their intended targets.

Fourthly, Israel is entirely justified being in the disputed territories until a final settlement is made, read 242, as well as being justified in building their homes there as the BALFOUR DECLARATION allowed. If you have a beef with that fact, take it up with the UN which has validated that document when it took over from the League of Nations.

As for the rest, you show yourself to be as ignorant about international law as you are about the conflict in general. A nation state is a state which is dominated by a single group. Jordan consists of 90 % Palis. Thus, the Palis have a nation state – which is more than can be said of most peoples. Thus, it is the Palis who want *two* nation states – Lebensraum indeed.

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