Once we’re released, the jihad continues

1000 Arabs for 1 Israeli, that does indeed tell you a lot. As much as the Tundra Tabloids sympathizes with the kidnapped Israeli soldier, as well as with his family members, friends and fellow soldiers, releasing 1000 Arabs is a very high price to pay in getting Schalit back. But after it’s all said done, it’s an Israeli decision to make, it’s their judgement call. KGS

Israeli response: Deport ‘heavy prisoners’

Response to prisoner exchange deal with Hamas transferred to German mediator includes list of ‘heavy prisoners’ Israel demands are expelled to Gaza or abroad. Hamas source says if Israel fails to meet its conditions, ‘there will be no deal’
After days of fervent meetings of senior ministers, Israel’s response to a prisoner exchange deal which would secure the release of captive soldier Gilad Shalit is “Yes, but…”.
Israel gave a positive response to the general outline of the deal presented by the German mediator last week. The condition placed by Israel in its response refers to the names of “heavy prisoners” Israel demands are expelled to Gaza or abroad. According to Israel, these prisoners will not be allowed to return to the West Bank.
This stance, which is backed by a number of ministers and the head of the Shin Bet, stems from a serious concern that these “heavy prisoners” may revive Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the West Bank and resume the armed conflict as well as terror attacks against Israeli citizens, settlers and the Palestinian Authority.
The response which was transferred to the German mediator gives him enough pull to continue pushing to close the gaps between Hamas and Israel on the matter of expelling prisoners to Gaza.
In response to reports of Israel’s decision, a Hamas source told Ynet on Tuesday that the latest Israeli move may hold up the entire process for some time.
The source said Hamas had been expecting an “Israeli ploy” in which conditions would be stipulated in the last minute. The source said, “We are still waiting to receive the official Israeli decision, but as we have said, for the deal to go through, Israel must accept all of our demands.
“If this condition is not met and the number of deportees reduced to near zero, there will be no deal,” the Hamas source said.
However, Hamas is unlikely to drop out of negotiations, as it also has much interest in the execution of the deal. The moment of truth has yet to arrive, but can be expected in the near future.

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