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Around a decade ago, a doctor was found to have removed from a number of patients, Jews and Arabs alike, organs that were then given to patients in need at the medical facility. Upon discovery of the incidents, the doctor in question was relieved of his duties. None of the organs harvested were sold on the black market, but were used immediately at the hospital facility.
There are however cases in which Muslim Israelis were caught by the authorities of organ trafficking. John Allan (formerly Mohammad Gheit) and Hassan Zakhalka, were found guilty of persuading:
Arabs from the Galilee and central Israel who were developmentally challenged or mentally ill to agree to have a kidney removed for payment. They located their victims by placing ads in the newspaper offering money for organ donation. According to the indictment, the pair gave false information to the donors, and also pressured and threatened them to give up their kidney. After the surgery, Allan and Zakhalka did not pay the donors as promised.”

Al Avai: This is essence of anti-semitism! Focusing attention Israel for something that is happening everywhere, and making it sound like a particularly Israeli /Jewish crime. China leads the world in “harvesting” organs, and uses executed (!) prisoners for this. Yet attention is focused on Israel! Have a look at:

Tundraman: “I completely agree – this is how antisemitism works: the crucial point is here that the news item FITS (or is the MADE to fit) ancient antisemitic myths. That is why in-depth knowledge of the latter is a prerquisite for the ability to recognize “modern” forms of antisemitism. Evidently, decades of brainwashing (“NO criticism against Israel/Israelis is antisemitism but only legitimate condemnation of zionism/racism/fascism/colonialism etc”) has effectively disconnected the “old” and the “new” forms of antisemitism from each other so that the latter has become completely “politically correct”. THAT is the scary part of it!

Israel Reiterates Hard Line on Illegal Organ Trafficking Following Revelations of Decade-old Case

In response to an Associated Press report that an Israeli forensics specialist a decade ago was removing organs from deceased Israeli soldiers and civilians as well as Palestinians without their families’ permission, the Israeli Ministry of Health on Monday (Dec. 21) issued a statement underscoring that it has made such practices illegal.[1]
The ministry said that the Segelson Commission, established in 2001, investigated the matter and forbade organ removal from deceased persons without family permission. This practice has been discontinued and has not occurred since the issue came to light, officials said.[2]
Organs from deceased persons were removed at the Abu Kabir forensic institute to treat other patients; they were not sold or trafficked.[3]
Relatives of Israeli soldiers and civilians as well as Palestinian families made formal complaints against Abu Kabir in 2004. The bodies were those of Israelis and Palestinians who had died due to a variety of reasons such as disease, accidents and through Israeli-Palestinian violence.[4] The doctor responsible for the removal of organs at the institute was dismissed from his position as director.[5]
A number of organ trafficking cases have arisen in Israel in recent years, prompting the government to tighten legislation on the issue, break up organ trafficking rings and prosecute those involved both directly and indirectly.
“This reprinting of old information must not be allowed to become the occasion for mischief, blasphemous lies or distortions,” Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Chairman Alan Solow and Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein said in a statement released Monday. Media interviews surrounding the reports “provided no evidence to indicate that any Palestinian was killed to ‘harvest organs.’ Such accusations can inflame the region, incite violence and undermine the chances of peace.”
In March 2008, the Knesset (Israeli parliament) passed the Organ Donation Law, forbidding trafficking and selling organs whether in Israel or outside of the country. The law also forbids anyone from brokering such deals or acting in any way as an intermediary for organ sales.

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