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My ineptness and hubris is being taken by some
as having a strong backbone and putting America first. NOPE.
Whatever the reasons that were behind the Obama administration’s foot dragging on Friday, the only good thing that resulted from the Climate-Farce UN run conference was that no binding agreement was reached. The Tundra Tabloids hopes that the newly released information coming from the Russian scientific community concerning Climate-Gate, is enough to push the rest of the fence sitting heads of state over to the side of the sceptics in the debate on GW. So overall, it could have been a much worse scenario. KGS

NOTE: And then once again there is the use of the word “unprecedented”.

Obama says ‘unprecedented’ deal reached on climate

An excerpt: The U.S. got its share of blame.

“President Obama was not very proactive. He didn’t offer anything more,” said delegate Thomas Negints, from Papua New Guinea. He said his country had hoped for “more on emissions, put more money on the table, take the lead.”
Obama may eventually become known as “the man who killed Copenhagen,” said Greenpeace U.S. Executive Director Phil Radford.
Money to help poor nations cope with climate change and shift to clean energy seemed to be where negotiators could claim most success. Pollution cuts and the best way to monitor those actions remained unresolved.
Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren, negotiating on behalf of the 27-nation European Union, blamed the impasse on the Chinese for “blocking again and again,” and on the U.S. for coming too late with an improved offer, a long-range climate aid program announced Thursday by Clinton.
A leading African delegate complained bitterly about the proposed declaration.
“It’s weak. There’s nothing ambitious in this text,” said Lumumba Di-Aping of Sudan, a leader of the developing nations bloc.

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