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CAIR: Only our bigotry
is beyond reproach
The only crime here might be the violation of a local statute prohibiting the posting of sexually explicit material in a public place, other than that, this is a non-issue. But it’s to be expected that the Hamas front group in America, CAIR, which is the focus of the new book, Muslim Mafia, which exposes the faux “civil rights” group as being not only a fraud, but acting against the US constitution.
Being heavily funded from the Middle East, this US Muslim Brotherhood front group for Hamas (of about 5000 members) continues to pass itself off as a credible Islamic organization founded to protect Muslim civil rights. But increasingly, it’s becoming more obvious to all, that it has ulterior motives for being founded, (read Muslim Mafia) and never misses a chance to defend terrorists, while seeking to hamstring US officials and the policies they are sworn to enforce that help to keep Americans safe.
So now they have something to sink their teeth into, but it’s only due to the supposed sexaully graphic nature of the pictures, not because they are anti-Islamic. CAIR was connected to the Holy Land Foundation as an unindicted co-conspirator, in which five persons were convicted of providing 12 million in funds to the terrorist group Hamas, which routinely by the way, incites against Jews worldwide, and whose charter contains exact quotes from the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
So the anti-Semitic organization CAIR, due to its affiliation with not only the now defunct HLF, but as a Muslim Brotherhood front group as well, is claiming the high moral ground over a few graphic pics, while it seeks to take Pamela’s “Merry Christmas, Rifqa!” campaign to court.

Henrik Raeder Clausen comments to the Tundra Tabloids: “CAIR is aiming for a new record in the “Make ourselves look stupid” category – they’re taking Pamela’s “Merry Christmas, Rifqa!” campaign to court! Pamela invites all those who sent Rifqa Bary cards, who are now technically parts of the case, to write to the court as well. Seems she’s making a nice splash here!”

More on Pamela Geller’s fight for Rifqa Bary’s right to receive Christmas cards, here and here. KGS

Anti-Islamic cartoons iin St. Cloud spur nonprofit to offer reward

A St. Cloud human rights group has offered a $1,000 reward in the hopes of finding the person responsible for posting anti-Islamic cartoons in the city this week. Create CommUNITY, a nonprofit organization that promotes racial harmony, announced Friday that the money would be posted with the Tri-County Crime-Stoppers for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The crude cartoons were found stapled to a pair of utility poles Tuesday. They depict the prophet Mohammed in derogatory ways, the Qur’an and a swastika. One of the posters was stapled to a pole outside the Mandeeq Shop, a discount store named in honor of the native name for Somalia. The city attorney’s office is investigating whether the cartoons violate any criminal statutes and, if they do, the case could be treated as a bias crime. Police have received tips in the case but have made no arrests.

NOTE: The TT wonders who is funding this group Create CommUNITY? If any of the TT’s readers have a clue, please leave it in the comments. It’s mission statement reads: “It is the mission of Create CommUNITY to Dismantle Racism through Systemic Change.” Sounds like a speudo human rights group, that is actually promoting cultural Marxism.

NOTE: After a cursory look, the coordinator for Create CommUNITY, Hedy Tripp, is recognized as being in the “community change and racial justice” network:

“Founded in 1988, our work is national in scope and includes research and evaluation, strategic planning, and policy analysis. Our work is characterized by a “theory of change” approach, focus on results and outcomes, and a racialized perspective.”

UPDATE: Hedy Tripp is also leader of the National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), St.Coud chapter. Surprise surprise, the organization is solidly behind the Obama administration’s march to socialized health care in the US.


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  1. Hello, racists. Your whole site is extremely offensive and I do pray that your mental sickness dissipates one day. In the mean time, I would simply ask how you would feel if people posted pornographic images of Jesus and Mary in front of your house? Would that also be a "non-issue"?

  2. Hi Keven, I take it that you're a supporter of Islamic supremacists called CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Wake up call for you, calling someone a racist without backing up what you say, tells more about the person making the claim than about the person being targeted.

    The Tundra Tabloids has never condoned the printing of sexual pictures in public that violates local laws in the US.

    The printing of pictures of the very dead false prophet of the cult of Islam however, is entirely a different matter, and something of which the TT whole heartedly approves of.

    If there is any mental sickness here, it is the mental sickness called "Islam", which has badly effected hundreds of millions of people throughout the ages.

    Also, there are an umpteenth number of pictures and videos that depict revered figures in Christianity and Judaism in a negative light, yet they do not induce the followers of these two great faiths to rape and pillage the countryside like the believers in the cult of MO.


  3. Do I really have to get specific about how you are racist? Okay then. Let's start with the image on your site depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. Likewise, the image of a blobfish wearing a "bomb turban." You are taking the central figure in the Islamic religion and making not only a mockery of him, you are wrongly suggesting that Mohammed and Islam are inherently violent. That is what we call stereotyping–this is a typical racist behavior.

    In fact, that is what your entire blog does. You hand pick extreme incidents and then make the assertion that they represent the majority if not the totality of Islam. Did you know that there are over one billion Muslims in the world at present? Do you really think that they all harbor violent tendencies? Perhaps you should read some Rumi, Kabir and Hafiz. (They're Muslims.)

    I wonder if you even know any Muslims in your personal life? Perhaps you are too afraid to actually get to know any.

    By the way, if someone posted pornographic images of Christian figures in my community (the same one in which the original Muslim images were posted), Christians there would be very offended. It would not be a non-issue. Then again, since they constitute the majority, they wouldn't feel quite as persecuted as those in a lower position in the social hierarchy.

  4. Oh, now we really are getting somewhere… placing the cartoon face of the dead warmongering, pedophile, assassin, polygamist so-called prophet mohamed…is a racist act.


    Read the Koran, pick any page that doesn't contain something remotely violent, and you'll have little left to choose from.

    I find your claims insulting to the intelligence of the lowest primate.

    The items handpicked are items that are happening on a daily basis and all done in the name of Islam. Period, full stop. Deal with your co-ideologues first…before running to cry a river at this blogsite.

    But then again, you're more than welcome to make an ass of yourself any day of the week, my readers will love it.

    Generalizing Islam? I think you are generalizing Islam, saying it's all peaceful like, when reality speaks differently. But hten again, you did make the laughable claim that Mohamed wasn't violent.


    Christians will not rampage in the streets like a MUslim will, because they have learned to separate the eternal from the temporal……followers of MO have not, intimidation is their game, and forced subjugation….just like their bloody founder demanded.

    Hundredes of millions of infidel blood has been spilled in the name of mo and his cult god allah, calling it like it is isn't racist, but an act of kindness for the sake of the future of humanity.

  5. I'm not an authority on the Qu'ran, but I am sure if you are looking for examples of violence, you can find them in the Islamic scriptures just as you can find them in the Bible. Regardless of what the Qu'ran says, the vast majority of Muslims are not compelled toward violence but rather to a peaceful earthly existence. If you knew any actual Muslims in real life, you would know that.

    I never made any claims about Muhammad, and since I am not a Muslim, I am not going to. I will say, however, that depicting the central figure of any religion in the way you have is an act of hatred, and that you are hoping to incite violent reactions to it.

    You have simply chosen to close your eyes to the largest portion of Islam (again, well over a billion people). It's very easy to see people blowing up buildings. Peaceful acts are much less visible (and much less interesting to the media). You might consider the fact that one of the five pillars of Islam is charity (zakat in Arabic). That is why there are organizations like and

    By the way, I do know that the God of Islam is the same god as worshiped in Christianity and Judaism. Allah is simply an Arabic word for God.

    In general, you need to expand your mind and your vision quite a bit. Rather than trying to explain violence perpetrated by Muslims as resulting from the Islamic founder and scriptures (which is easy to disprove since over a billion Muslims are peaceful), you might instead consider the political ramifications that colonialism and Western imperialism has had on Muslim territories. People don't like to be stepped on. Consider further the effect that poverty and lack of freedom that countries run by dictators or occupied by other countries has on those citizens. Desperate people do desperate things. People who have their needs met are generally good to others. This is human nature. You cannot stereotype people by their religion. You will fail almost every time.

  6. The koran gives *open ended* calls for violence to the followers of Mo, who was a paedophile, assassin, murderer, thief, plunderer enslaver, rapist and host of other terrible qualities. Why you would defend those that worship the guy is beyond me, other than the fact that their numbers are huge.

    By the same token, there were large scores of German national socialists, and Marxist Communists who were very nice people, never killed a sole and only served the state. But that doesn't exhonerate them from the socialist creeds that led to the slaughters of hundreds of millions of people through the ages. The same can be said of Islam.

    You make the classic mistake of lumping Islam in with other religions, that it's ''just another religion'' with a violent history. Islam is more than that, it's a complete system, a whole societal way of life that determines what the individual Muslim can and cannot do, as well as dictating to the non-Muslim as well. The aim of Islam, which no Islamic cleric, imam will ever denounce, is jihad and sharia, whose prime directive is for the creation of the Islamic state. Any means can be used to create it, non-violent or violent means….throughout any age.

    Violence and Islam go hand in hand, with timeless ''open ended'' verses to be used whenever the believers feel Islam has the upper hand. I know former Muslims who were either sharia scholars or just plain followers born into it, Christian Arabs and Sudanese blacks, Assyrians etc., and they all tell me I'm correct.

    Who are you to say that the majority of Muslims do not condone violence? Have you talked to them all, and on a variety of subjects, like what to do with a person who's a homosexual, or a girl who wants multiple sexual partners, or a woman who doesn't want to marry a cousin who's 30-40 yrs her senior? Are you telling me huge numbers of people belonging to the Islamic ideology do not think in this way, and that their holy texts do not validate extreme punishments for these supposed crimes if they want to exact "justice"? Get your head out of the sand.

  7. The difference between the cult of the koran and hadiths and real religions, is that the former offers the believer ''open ended'' verses that condone violence, while the Torah and New Testament do not. There are no Amalikites, Canaanites or Philistines to do battle with anymore, case closed. All a Muslim has to do to justify his drenching his sword with an infidels blood, is to look inside the Koran and the Hadiths….and the justification is there, just like they do for their antisemitism, which the koran and hadiths are full of, from cover to cover. In the same way they find justification to hate Jews, they find the same to kill infidels.

    Islam worships the moon god, not the holy one of Israel nor of the Christians. Mohamed ripped off just about everything Muslims hold dear from these two faiths, while deeming their books as being corrupted, as well as stealing all the prophets that existed before mohamed and his merry band of thugs and thieves arrived on the scene. Islam is a big RIP OFF.

    Zakat has been used to fund terrorism, that's why many want to see it curtailed extensively, just google Holy Land Foundation Trial, in which Muslim organizations in the US sent zakat money to Hamas, a terrorist organization. Highly ironic you mention zakat and peaceful acts in the same sentence.

    As for imperialism, Islam, and Arabism is imperialistic, funny how you fail to discern that one. That former Christian countries were taken over by Muslim hordes who did so based on Islamic scripture that gave them authority to do so, and subjugate the unbeliever by a system called Dhimmitude. Forced conversions and death to the pagans are validated in the koran, and yet you have the nerve to say that the koran doesn't say that, though you admit to not knowing too much about it. The people in the Middle East are occupied by a degenerate and hostile ideology called Islam, and as long as they cling to it, they will remain back water nations, and their women treated like chattle and their homosexuals murdered.

    Your logic fails every time.

  8. Kevin, you have contributed no actual information here whatsoever other than display a rather stunning sanctimony. Lets begin with your claim to racism. If a person is German, then becomes a Nazi and endures ridicule humiliation and debate on his most sacred Nazi beliefs are we racists for challenging him? Frankly just explaining to people that Islam is not a race is tiresome. But since you are revelling in your sanctimony I felt it necessary. If, we here where on some kind of anti-Arab thing then yes indeed we would be racists and some of what you say would apply. The fact is, Islam itself is full of calls to exterminate Jews no matter what those Jews actually believe. This, dear Kevin, is genuine racism, not to mention genocidal. As such, we here at TT are actually anti-racists. Islam also makes many references to the inferiority of black people. Mohamed liked to call them "raisin heads" as one example and Muslims still carry on the traditions of the African Slave trade today and slavery is still legal in the Islamic republic of Mauritania.
    I was going to clip and paste some of your outlandish, illogical and quasi hostile remarks and refute them one by one but it isn't necessary. Being anti Islam is no more racist than being anti Nazi, anti Communist or anti Shinto, a necessary thing in WW2. And the person who harbours ignorant and arguably culturally insensitive ideas is actually you. Why? Because you have projected your values on to Islam and think that all who discuss Islam in a light negative to western peoples are racists. The facts remain that Islam is not similar to Christianity or Judaism whatsoever. That the god they worship is not the same. As a fast example, ask yourself how many people Jesus murdered or killed at all. Then, research how many people Mohamed killed with his own hands then how many he ordered killed in the name of Allah. A fairly potent indicator that the 'god' they both are/worshipped are not similar. How many slaves did Jesus own? Mohamed? How many women did Jesus rape? Mohamed? How many 6 year old girls did Jesus masturbate on? Mohamed? Once you investigate these simple questions using even the literature of the Muslims themselves I think you may find that your sanctimony is misdirected.
    I will however, understand if you chose to simply remain silent after this and not redirect your self righteous indignation to where it actually belongs. Why? Because in your heart of heart, you know none of us are going to hurt you, as it is culturally and morally anathema to us to do so, however when you figure out the facts you also know in your heart of heart that the Muslims will kill you in a heart beat just for doing a funny drawing.
    Best of luck to you Kevin.

  9. Kevin I thought this might interest you. it appears that Muslims do not think its the same god after all:

    January 9, 2010Arsonists struck a fourth church on Jan. 9 in an ongoing row over the use of the word “Allah” as a reference to the Christian God, Reuters reported. Muslims protested at mosques on Jan. 8 after a court ruling allowed a Catholic newspaper to use Allah in its Malay-language editions. The protests sparked arson attacks against Christian churches, including the latest attack on the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in a Selangor state suburb. Police are urging churches across the country to increase security.

  10. You described Islam as "a complete system, a whole societal way of life that determines what the individual Muslim can and cannot do…" Well, that is what all religions do…at least they did before secularism. I would disagree, however, that the aim of Islam is to maintain Islamic states. Of the 47 Muslim-majority nations, about half designate Islam as the state religion. This means that about half of them are secular such as Turkey, which is 99% Muslim. Even the Islamic states vary in their application of Sharia–many have a dual legal system with varying jurisdictions.

    Your analogy of Islam to Nazism does not hold water. Nazi Germany murdered Jews and others under a centralized, ie, fascist regime. Al Qaeda on the other had (the ones committing terrorism) is a decentralized network of fundamentalists. Although some stats may be guilty of knowingly harboring terrorists, most Muslim-majority governments do not support this. I cannot say what the majority of Muslims feel in their hearts, but based on their actions, they are clearly not all perpetrating "jihadhi" violence.

    I am also well aware that Islam spread as an empire, but so did everyone else back in the day.

    At any rate, Islam is definitely in the tradition of the Abrahamic religions (including Judaism and Christianity). Moon god? Where do you get this stuff from? And how do you know all this inside information about Muhammed? Even if any of it were true, does that change how the vast majority of Muslims behave?

    No, your drawing is not funny. I wonder how you think what you are doing is helpful in any way? You are simply stoking the fires of culture wars.

    Too bad you only know former Muslims. You really should get to know some practicing Muslims. They are wonderful people.

  11. Seeing that you refused to mention anything I said about the Koran containing a plethora of *open ended* verses that call for the subjugation and if needed death to those who oppose the implementation of Islam upon them, I'll take it as a sign of your conceeding the point. That being, Islam is indeed an entirely different ideology and "belief system".

    You appear willing to defend something of which you know nothing about, like for instance…..Islam is in fact a complete state, becaming one the moment Mohamed left Medina (a former Jewish city before they were all murdered by Mo) for Mecca.

    To state that Islam is like Christianity and Judaism shows a gross ignorance of the facts. Christian Europe gave birth to secularism, something that the Islamic ME could never do because there is no concept of the separation of religion and state.

    There is only the concept of submission to allah, which differes greatly with the Christian precept of "Render to Ceaser the things that be of Ceasers, and to God the things that belong to him.

    Again, the dividing of the temporal from the divine is key to Christian thinking, something of which Islam knows nothing about.

    Turkey, and the Asian Muslim states are slowly being Islamized, it's only a matter of time. Turkey is returning to it's historical bindings, with Islam having a more central role in government.

    It's been only the army that has kept Muslim fundamentalism from overtunring all of Attaturk's reforms.

    These Muslim state of which you call secular practice their "secularism" at the expence of non-Muslim minorities, whether in Cairo, Malaysia or Indonesia…the minority religion and minorities in general always suffer due to Islam, in spite of the "secularism" you speak about.

    In Egypt its Coptic girls being kidnapped and forcibly converted while the state turns a blind eye. Honor murders result in (that's if they are actually hunted) the guilty party, which is usually a relative being given very light sentences for butchering their sister, daughter or niece for some supposed sexual offence.

    Nope….I don't buy the "secular" Muslim state in your argument. It doesn't hold up under closer scrutiny.

    NOTE: Any state that practices any form of sharia, even if it's only 10%, has opened the door for it's eventual complete inplementation. It's a slippery slope that has been proven time and again…to repeat itself once the foot is in the door.

    I wasn't talking about Al-Qaida in particular, but Islam. What Islam has done over the centuries and continues to do in this present age, that can be very accurately be compared as an equally dangerous ideology as national socialism.

    Islam is not in the tradition of Abrahamic religions of Judaism and Christianity. The latter does not negate the scriptures of the former, in that the former had corrupted their holy texts.

    Islam stole great portions form both, as well as from the pagans, and then depicted them as corrupting their own texts that didn't match the Muslims version of history.

    Islam = theft

    Allah is indeed the moon god, that's where the name comes from, and as for Mohamed….read the koran and the sunna and find out for yourself what a blood thirty goon he was.

    The koran and hadiths have much to say about his character…of which the overwhelming majority of it would land him in jail if he were alive today.

    Seeing that Christians and Jews have been subjected to (rightfully so in a free society) with pictures of a gay jesus and Moses and an umpteenth number of different scenarios in art and otherwise…(LIfe of Brian anyone) poking fun at Mohamed is long overdue.

    Muslims must be made to feel the same the rest of us feel at one time or another. Not doing so will only contribute to their growing sense of superiority and supremacism.

    While there are many peaceful, friendly Muslims (due to outside non-Muslim influneces) there is no such thing as a peaceful, friendly Islam.

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