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You know it’s got to be a bad article
when the Palestinians agree with the Israelis

The pro-Israel media watch group CAMERA alerts the TT about an article written in the IEEE Spectrum magazine, a highly influential monthly magazine, concerning the sole electrical power plant in Gaza, the Gaza Electric Distribution Company (GEDCO). The journalist skews the article with the main goal of scape goating Israel as being to blame for all that has gone wrong in Gaza.
The Tundra Tabloids’ friend and colleague, TINSC, delivers this major scoop, about one of commenters to the online article, Usama Dabbour, just happens to be the Director of External Relations for the same Gaza power plant, and who openly criticizes the magazine for same factually challenged article as CAMERA. As a matter of fact, Dabbour calls the journalist….a liar.
This happens to be a rare cases in which a pro-Israel media watch group gets verification from the least likely of sources, a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip. Hopefully CAMERA brings this unusual situation to the magazine’s attention. Kudos to TINSC for spotting this and bringing it to the TT’s attention. KGS

Usama Dabbour 12.09.2009

This is Usama Dabbour in the external unit at GEDCo I met the writer of the this article in June 2009 and I was in the meeting between her and the general manager of GEDCo Eng. Suheil Skeik , and later she asked me about some information and I sent her the right information through the email , the writer did not write the truth and she changed in the information given by Eng. Suheil Skeik , we have many comments on the information she wrote:
The writer did not mention that GEDCo tries to do its job (distribute electricity on the people , maintain the low and medium voltage networks and collect the electricity bills this is our duty by the law of the Palestinian authority ) as much as it can we don’t disconnect needy people and we have people in Gaza Strip who can pay their electricity bills , the people who get paid from the Palestinian national authority the people who works for working organizations :
banks universities unrwa etc , the people who have businesses and so on, so we take these procedures in order to devote the culture of paying electricity and to initiate talks with the able people forcing them to come to GEDCo and discuss about the electricity bills and their debts meanwhile we don¿t disconnect needy people and we don¿t disconnect until we send notes by our legal department to the delinquent people and give them margin of enough time to pay , but when they passes the appointed time and they don¿t pay we disconnect)so the thing she put in her article ” the phrase cutting the power becomes more than a figure of speech ” was not real or even close to the reality.
Also she mocked of the information we put to the people in the Gaza Strip in our website and she mocked of the religion of the people in the Gaza Strip which she should not have done, Also when she talked about the general manager of GEDCo I was with her in the meeting and he did not mentioned about radical solution he was saying that we are in Gaza Strip in a state of electricity deficit since the bombing of the transmission system in the power plant in 2006 by the Israelis and it has to be strategic solution and its nice to have three reliable sources of energy (from Israel from the power plant to be able to produce its full capacity which is 140 MW and the third source is Egypt through 220 KV linking which will give the Gaza Strip 300 MW at once to finish the deficit issue ) so from where did she describe this radical solution its not relevant and not what the general manger said ,
also she was talking about Egypt cooperate in blocking the Gaza Strip which is not true and we don¿t know how she concluded to that , also she mentioned on the tongue of Eng. Suheil that Israel want everything closed down electricity , material , everything ” is this her interpretation of the siege and the blockade on the Gaza Strip or what he said , I do not think that he said it what can he said that we faces some difficulties with the Israelis due to their applied policy in allowing in our needed material for maintenance and development projects,, We are in GEDCo not satisfied of what the writer had put in the article and we are sorry that such journalists are visiting Palestine and changing the truth and lie to the people who write to them when they come back,

NOTE: TINSC states: He definitely talks “Power Company” and not “Pallywood”. I think he’s the real deal and his remarks blow the article clean out of the water regardless of what anyone from pro-Israel groups might add. If you can verify that he’s legit, you got ’em hook, line, and sinker.

NOTE: Below is a portion from the Camera alert. Click on the hyperlink to follow it to Doc’s Talk who has republished it in full


Once more a professional journal has veered off the track into Middle East politics. In the December 2009 cover story of IEEE Spectrum, a monthly publication of the world’s largest professional technology association, freelance reporter Sharon Weinberger’s cover story focuses on challenges facing Gaza’s sole power plant. But the article is short on technological content and long on skewed characterization of events in Gaza.
Had the author written an honest account, conveying the difficulty of those Palestinians who want simply to provide for the needs of their community, the emphasis would have been on the self-destructive actions of the PA and Hamas leadership in subverting the best interests of their own people. Instead, the article scapegoats Israel.Gazans Guilt-Free
Repeatedly throughout the article, which is ostensibly about the hardships of completing and maintaining Gaza’s power plant, Weinberger blurs and omits crucial facts about who has caused the problems. Thus Gaza is said to have “endured a devastating run of strife, death, and dysfunction,” to have suffered “catastrophe” and to be “stuck in a kind of chaotic limbo” – with the barest hint that Gazans themselves chose strife and chaos by their own actions in terrorizing and killing Israelis.

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  1. Thank you for blogging on this, KGS. IEEE Spectrum is a monthly publication of the world's largest professional technology association. When you see the politicization of science and engineering like this, remember! These are the same kind of science and engineering societies who tell us we have "global warming" and must change the way we live.

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