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Rabbi Cooper:
“Most Israelis endorse the goal of the two state solution
but few would be willing to endorse a three state solution”

The Tundra Tabloids is not shocked one bit that such an intitiative, which condemns Jewish archaeological projects in and around Jerusalem, as well as entertaining the idea of a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, is floating around the halls of the Swedish EU presidency. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has obtained information that indicates that the Swedish presidency of the EU has been doing just that.
Here is the recent letter Rabbi Abraham Cooper sent to Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt, depicitng Jewish concerns over the some of the initiatives that are currently being mulled over by the EU presidency that currently rests in Stockholm, Sweden. KGS

Dear Prime Minister Reinfeldt:
We write to you on the behlaf of the 400,000 constituent families of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Human Rights NGO. As Sweden is currently serving as President of the European Union we wish to express concerns over various reports of European Union intitiatives vis-à-vis the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
A recent published report quotes from what it says is a draft document of the European Union which calls for the division of the city of Jerusalem and the possible recognition by the EU of a unilateral declaration of Palestinian Statehood.
But that document fails to explicity address a key question: Even as Israel could be confronted with a EU-backed unilaterally declared Palestinian state-where does that leave the Hamas-run Gaza Strip? The Palestinian Authority is no longer a factor on the ground and President Abbas has been unable to even set foot there for more than five years: Would the EU therefore endorse a three-state solution?
I additionm a classified document prepared for the EU on Jerusalem calls for sanctions against Jewish people and groups involved in “settlement activity” in and around the Holy City and urges tha the European Union take steps to strenghten the status of the Palestinian Authority there.
Of special concern to the Simon Wiesenthal Center is the significant focus in this report with the archaeological excavations in Jerusalem, especially near the Temple Mount. These digs, it charges, focus mainly on Jewish history.
Archaeology in this case has become an ideologically motivated tool of national and religious struggle carried out in a manner that modifies the identity and character of the city and threatens to undermine its stability,” the report said.
Mr.Prime Minister- archaeological projects in Sweden help trace the historic roots and bond between the people of your country, your land and your history. The same would be true for similar projects in all 27-member states of the  European Union. Why then, protest such activity in and around the Holy City of Jerusalem? Could it be because these archaeological findings confirm the 3,000-year historic roots and ties of the Jewish people to Jerusalem at the very time that Palestinian leaders continue to serially deny those facts to their people?
Mr.Prime Minister, like you, the Simon Wiesenthal Center yearns for the day that there will be peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. But that day will never be hastened by helping to fuel delusional denials of a 3,500-year Jewish narrative in the Holy Land.
Finally, most Israelis endorse the goal of the two state solution–but few would be willing to endorse a three state solution. We urge the European Union to undertake policies that will strengthen Palestinians committed to livein peace alongside the Jewish Democratic State of Israel. When such a Palestinian partner appears, Israel will do its share. Until then, all suggestions of one-sided unilateral moves and increased pressure onlu upon Israel will hasten more conflict, not peace.

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