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Actually this is pretty sad, these women are treated as goats. KGS

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Nudging Aside the Niqab

Photographer Aaron Huey recently traveled to the Islamic nation of Yemen. While there, he had the chance to photograph and chat with some young Yemeni women who wear the traditional Islamic niqab or burka.

18 years old, student, single

Three things I am looking for in a husband:
1. Loves me so much
2. Has good behavior
3. Self-confidence
Recurring dream:
“I have no dreams.”

Hidden talent:
“I have no talents.”

Career aspiration:
“I want to be a doctor.”


20 years old, single, student of English and computers

Hidden talent:
Arabic dancing (contemporary)

Three things I am looking for in a man:

1. Honest
2. Handsome
3. Tall

Favorite passage from the Koran:

“God is one. He does not give birth and was not born, he is alone and confident in himself and doesn’t need the help of any person.”

Why I wear the niqab:
“I took to wearing it by choice. I only began eight months ago. I did it to become invisible. Society and our traditions say this is good.”

If I could meet any person from history (alive or dead), it would be…
“Saddam Hussein. Everyone has got negatives and positives. But he was courageous and was for pan-Arabism.”
Favorite music:
Hip-hop, Usher, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias

What do Westerners need to know about the Islamic world that they don’t understand?
“The West knows nothing about Arabs. They are very ignorant about Islam. They think Islam is only terrorism. Islam stands for love and peace and humanity.”
Freedoms I wish I had:
“I am forbidden to talk about them.”

21 years old, student, married
Three things I want in life:

“To be a good mother, to be a good wife, and to help Yemen. I also want to be a businesswoman. I want to travel to all the cities in the world and to America.”

Pet peeve:
“Swearing, and when boys in the street say, ‘Look at the tall girl with the nice eyes!’”
Favorite TV star:

“Dr. Phil. He tells us how to solve our problems.”

What is the biggest problem in the world today?

“Palestine. We are sending money to them. Also poverty. We send money to the poor with tithing. The biggest problem in Yemen is women not teaching their daughters. Early marriages are also a problem.”

20 years old, married, English student

Hidden talent:
Writing poetry

Why I wear the niqab:
“All the women in my family must wear this. It is not a choice. It is the decision of the society and a religious duty.”

If I had to be an animal, it would be…
“Some kind of fish. Maybe a very big one, but a very fast one too. There are many places to hide in the sea. It is bigger than the land. I go to the ocean with my family, but I must swim in my clothes.”

Freedoms I wish I had:
“I wish I could live in Europe or America, but that will never happen.”
There’s much more here. All of it rather sad and pitifull.

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