KORAN 4:3:
“marry women of your choice, two or three or four”.
Will they burn the bra after the burka?

Back flips and belly flops, that’s the length some followers of the madman prophet will go in order to somehow justify their continued adherence to that desert ideology. The male rules the roost in Islam, from the top down and throughout every sphere in an Islamic society. And it’s all because their highesst example of human conduct, Mohamed, has deemed it as such, and since every word jotted down by the prophet of Islam supposedly came from his diety Allah, and therefore regarded as unchangeable.
The Bible however is open to many different interpretations due to the human element involved, which contrasts greatly with how Koranic texts are to be understood, which means, women like Asar Nomani, Musdah Mulia and Irshad Manji only help to confuse the issues for the non-Muslim. The Tundra Tabloids wishes it weren’t so, but as the wise saying goes: “if wishes came true beggars would ride“.

UPDATE: A TT source mentioned the following: “Gender Jihad woman is not clueless. She is taquiya, it is I think, a concerted effort to distract from the core message – Ingrid Mattson, head of the Muslim Brhotherhood front organization Islamic Society of North America, also talks about how Islam and feminism is one, same with the woman who was the past president of Muslim Students Association – this is a simple in your face big lie approach to the facts.”

‘Gender Jihad’ in the Service of Women’s Rights

In both western countries and Muslim societies feminism and Islam are mostly regarded as irreconcilable opposites. Why are they not compatible?

Asra Nomani: Yes, I’m always hearing that view at my lectures. But as far as I’m concerned, the two go hand in hand. I think Islam was originally a feminist religion. The Prophet Mohammed was a feminist, like his first wife Khadija, his daughter Fatima and his wife Aisha. None of them allowed themselves to be pushed aside, and they all spoke their minds. I don’t think Islamic feminism is an apparent contradiction.

Actually, I meet religious feminists all over the world – Mormon, Catholic, Maronite, Jewish-orthodox, Protestant. My experience is that women have to fight male power in Islam with the same dynamics as in all other religions.
The woman is guilty of inventing a dangerously naive narrative all her own, and what’s even more astounding is her belief that eventually she, and others like her, can win the day, no matter how badly they contort their own religious texts. Like the TT said before, that it wishes it weren’t so, but the safeguards in place are meant to keep the Islamic ideology free from outside influences and constraints, and are very effective. Total obedience to religious authorities, where even the slightest questioning or doubt is bound to have serious ramifications, often carries the day against the not so minded reformists.
The penalty of death for opastacy is a very effective measure for securing the wayward from ever leaving Islam for good. Vigilantism in Islam is another method for securing and anchoring Islamic norms from ever becoming in danger of being discarded. The more Islamic a society is, the more street mob vigilantism becomes the norm, that’s why intervening in cases of opastacy here in the West is so crucial in stamping out mob rule rooted in sharia precepts.
Asar Nomani makes a sweeping statement that “like in all other religions, so to Islam faces the same dynamic of male domination”. Once again, Islam is not like all other religions, in fact it’s less of a religion and more of a political ideology, that enforces adherence to it precepts through the implementation of harsh judgements that find wide acceptence in the shame and honor cultural societies. What came first only one can guess, but it’s very possible such a culture already existed and influenced Islamic ideology, only to be then reenforced by it there afterwards.
The Tundra Tabloids high reccomends, both Ali Sina’s views on feminist reformers’ efforts, as well as Robert Spencer. Since the Islamic apologists find more time in getting Spencer removed from panel discussions on the debate on the efforts of refomers in Islam, than allowing him to speak, you can safely assume that they have much more to lose than the esteemed Robert Spencer, as well as Ali Sina. KGS

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