John Arne Moen, a former reporter and text editor for the Aftenposten,  a major Norwegian newspaper, and one that has a well known history of anti-Israel bias, writes in the J’lem Post yesterday about what he preceives as Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s wrongfull accusations of anti-Semitism existing in Norway.
Mr.Moen now runs a little paper in Trondheim, called the Tronder-Avisa, so the Tundra Tabloids, which was at the heart of the brouhaha that surfaced in Norway and in Israel earlier this year -due to Norway’s Finance Minister, Kristin Halvorsen, having took part in an anti-Israel march protesting against the Gaza war, in which “death to the Jews” was being shouted by her fellow participants- takes notice of Mr.John Moen’s own paper, the Tronder-Avisa, to see what it can see.
But first a few words about Mr.John Moen’s op-ed in the J’lem Post. He admits (correctly) that most instances of noticeable anti-Semitic outbursts comes from the immigrant Muslim communities, and that a call for boycott by NTNU faculty members of Israeli learning institutions was rightfully ridiculed by the media and politicians alike, and that the measure was voted down. But nonetheless, as a Norwegian journalist, Moen fails to take notice of the sloppy and overtly biased journalism of his former employer at the Aftenposten, and in the Norwegian media in general, concerning its reporting on Israel, that has created an environment in which a heavily demonized Israel is subjected to such calls for boycott in the first place.
Such biased reporting on the Jewish state has indeed led to incidents of anti-Semitism in Norway, and the fact that the Norwegian media refrained from reporting about the anti-Semitic shouts being hurled at the anti-Israel protest in which Kristin Halvorsen participated, speaks loudly of their style of journalism, and about Mr.Moen’s own reasons for highlighting the media’s response to the boycott.
At a press conference for the release of their new book, “Eyes in Gaza”
Resorting to a “good Jew behavior” explained by anti-Semitism expert, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Moen feels duty bound to whitewash the record of his fellow colleagues, in an attempt to expunge from the record their terrible history of bias and yes, at sometimes, anti-Semitism towards the Jewish state of Israel. Jews like John Moen, are part of the reason why anti-Semitism is allowed to exist under the veneer of “legitimate critiicism of Israel. Moen and his fellow apologists are a bonanza for journos and polticians who have deep seated animosity towards those Jews who fail to think and live according to how they’re expected to behave.

John Arne Moen is one of those Jews who has found their coveted niche in European society, and will not allow the insubordinate Jew(s) to take that place from them, they have worked hard to carve out that place of respectability with their non-Jewish peers, and will not suffer for a moment the inconvenient truth telling of people such as Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, from the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs, (JCPA). He’s the literal fly in the ointment!

One of the interesting observations that highlights the whitewash the Tundra Tabloids is referring to, can be found when you check John Moen’s newspaper concerning the Norwegian doctor, Mads Gilbert. One find that the Tronds-Avista never once asks why Mads Gilbert never mentioned the fact that the Hamas had its command center in the basement of the Schifa hospital in which he was working.

Such a war crime couldn’t go unnoticed by the radical Leftist doctor, but somehow, the managing editor of the Tronds-Avista fails to enquire about this gross breach of international law and the failure of Dr.Mads Gilbert to mention it, when he editor published an article about the book Gilbert and Foss were promoting.
We have no need to lie or reinforce what we experienced in Gaza in January this year. Doctors have taken a vow, and it is our duty to concern ourselves with war victims, says doctor Mads Gilbert. Together with his colleague Erik Fosse has Gilbert in the Gyldendal publishing house wrote the book “Eyes in Gaza” – their personal impressions of doctors at Al-Shifa hospital in Israel’s three-week offensive by the end of the year 2008-2009 against the confined population in the Gaza Strip.

The book’s title alludes to the fact that those who help the organization NORWACs doctors were the only two western witnesses to the fighting between Israel and the Palestinian area. – It was a situation we were not prepared. We were very surprised to see the world the press stand at the border because Israel would not let them in, said Fosse when the book was presented in Oslo on Thursday.”
NOTE: These two doctors are largely responsible for the dissemination of the worst propaganda during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

NOTE: Start around the 40 second mark for when
the faux resuscitation and fake dialogue begins

John Moen’s paper also failed to take notice of, not only the shouts of “death to Jews” during the march, but also of Norway’s finance minister, Kristin Halvorsen, standing next to a sign stating Israel and the US are the axis of evil”.

Tronds-Avista: Kristin Halvorsen took part in a peace demonstration for Gaza on January this year. There was no anti-Jewish slogans during the ceremony at all, as Jerusalem Post suggests, writes SV. (©NTB) (© NTB)

The Tronds-Avista’s whitewash of the signs accompanying Norway’s Minister of Finance is telling. Standing next to people calling the world’s only Jewish state “evil”, is not only a breach in protocal for acting members of a state government, it’s in fact an open act of anti-Semitism. It’s an entirely false accusation, as well as going hand in hand with those who exlusively single out Israel from condemnation while others, like Hamas or Fattah, with proven human rights violations, are never targeted for a demonstration either in Norway, or elsewhere in Europe.
Face it, willing stooges like, John A.Moen, help to serve the interests of those who have very low tolerance levels for Jews, and for the world’s only Jewish state, and his op-ed should be viewed under that rubric. KGS
NOTE: According to David from England, the most northerly Jewish community and Synagogue is not in Trondheim, Norway which is at latitude 63.44 degrees. Fairbanks, Alaska is further north, at latitude 64.86 degrees and has a Jewish community and a synagogue.

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