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Finnish-Egyptian relations couldn’t be better!
Helsinki, we have a problem. The thought of an Egyptian magazine championing the dhimmified, cultural suicidal nature of Finland’s leaders toward Islam and the Muslim ME, and the policies that they have created to make Finland the destination for future Muslims, should raise the hairs on the back of the heads of all Finns.
It’s a Shangri La for the Mohammedans, and ripe for colonization!

Tara Ahmed, a 25-year-old Kurdish woman, came with her husband to Finland seven years ago to work. “There are a lot of services offered to us here,” she says. “Plus, during my seven years I haven’t had one single harassment, assault or discrimination case in any form.”
Like most immigrants, Ahmed and her husband took advantage of the free Finnish language lessons offered by the government, which pays immigrants 8 per day to attend. The government also provides immigrants with a free home, health care for their family and education for their children. In addition, they get a monthly stipend of 367 per adult to cover expenses until they start earning their own living. The government is able to pay for these services due to a progressive tax rate that can exceed fifty percent of a person’s income. Even so, officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that Finland needs immigrants and that, in the long run, they are not a burden on society
 Get that?!!
The Shangri La of Finland


“Somalian Abdinasir Mohamed Ali, 41, head of Al-Rabeta Al-Islamia Fe Finlanda (The Islamic Association in Finland), says that as long as Muslims or minorities don’t break the law, they will be treated well. The association was established in 1987 and regulates Finland’s 40 mosques, providing services such as Arabic and Qur’an lessons with the help of 1,200 member volunteers. According to the association’s records, there are approximately 40,000 Muslims in Finland.
Ali says approximately 2,000 Finnish people have converted to Islam over the past 20 years, the majority in the past two years, and most of them are Finnish women married to Muslim men. Finland native Marika Edom, 44, who converted to Islam a year and a half ago says, “Now that I’m a Muslim, I feel more complete [] I used to feel empty before. I have more friends now than I ever had before. I have strong[er] ties with my Muslim sisters than [those] I had with [the so called friends] I used to hang out with at bars.”
Evil Finns. Yeah, right Marika, the Finns, (your former countrymen) are great in building a real first class state with a robust market economy, but they’re entirely too evil to run it, so lets fill it all up with your Muslim pals and then everything will go smoothly. One of the things of course, that Muslim Marika will want Finland to divest itself from, is the sauna culture. Nudity between family members is against the moon-god, so all those bad wood burning and electric saunas will have to be done away with. And since Islam is such a green and environmental friendly ideology, saving the world from the polluting CO2 gasses coming from wood burning saunas is just icing on the cake!
One thing worth noting, is that the Islamic Society of Finland’s website, links to such grand Islamic visionaries for humankind, like Sheikh Qaradawi, the religious supremacist, anti-Semite, homophobe and proud supporter of suicide/homicide of Jews in partiular and of infidels in general.
To date, not one Finnish politician, or law enforcement official has condemned the ISF’s linking to the racist Islamic cleric, Qaradawi. But yet, the Egypt Today article is all a glow over the fact that Muslims are protected by Finnish politicians and the authorities from being offended, yet the very Islamic organization they laud as being an umbrella organization for Finland’s Muslims, links to racists.

It’s almost the same if a Christian organization in Finland were to link to a KKK leader or any other white supremacist group. But in this case it’s worse, for Qaradawi not only espouses violence and hatred for the non-Muslim, he is given a teflon of credibility by the state, in its refusal to ask the rather easy question of why it tolerates the gross display of intolerance and hatred by the members of the Islamic ideology?

The article then goes on to mention the Halla-aho affair, and read very closely as to how its depicted. The Finns are so dhimmified, that the state didn’t wait for Muslims to get offended over the Helsinki city council member, they took it upon themselves to act unitarilly, and my how the Mohammedans are eternally greatfull!

“Khadr says what he likes most about Finland is the tolerance of ethnic minorities. “A prosecutor here in Finland charged a Finnish person just because his writings are insulting to Islam. The man wasn’t charged by an Arab or a Muslim or a Middle Eastern — he was charged by a Finnish official. This is amazing,” he says.
Khadr is referring to the case last August when Finnish Prosecutor Simo Kolehmainen filed charges against Jussi Halla-Aho for “publicly defaming Islam in his writings and blogging,” according to Finnish papers. While many online activists considered it oppression of freedom of expression, many people interviewed for this story said they were relieved as they think Halla-Aho’s writings could lead to unwanted disharmony in their country.”
You better believe it was amazing. The way the Finnish state has trampled all over the freedom of speech in Fonland and its appeasment of Mohammedan law, has been appalling. Not all of what this article states is true however, there are plenty of people involved in the media and in politics that are not as thrilled with the prospect of being influenced by Islam as the writer suggests. But the brunt of the article is true, that Finland in general, has been keen on the multiculturalization of the Finnish state, and has allowed for some highly foolish laws and policies to be brought into being and enforced.
The Egypt Today article should stand as a classic example of how Europe is seen, especially the Nordic states and Finland in particular, by those eyeing its wealth and eventual colonization. The parting quote from the article speaks legions of the moronic attitude of some Finnish academics.
Most of the Egyptian immigrants interviewed said they have had few problems adjusting to their new home or preserving their cultural and religious identity and passing it on to their children.
“[The] condition in Finland in comparison to many other countries is quite good,” says Egyptian Ambassador to Finland Maasoum Marzouk.
Mohammed Ahmed, professor emeritus at the University of Joensuu, moved to Finland in 1966 and was surprised by the level of respect he received. “When I first came to Finland [ the university rector] told me ‘It’s an honor for our university to have a person coming from Nasser’s country,’” Ahmed recalls.
Get that folks? A Finnish university dean respected the anti-Semite, Abdel Nasser, the man largely responsible for launching a war of aggression against the Jewish state of Israel. No wonder the Muslim/Arab world likes Finland, the academics, politicians and government bureaucrats have slavish notions, showing themselves to be rather willing and ready to accomodate the Mohammedan masses.
The Finns need to wake up and kick out those politicians who express dhimmi attitudes towards Muslims and Islam, and hold any bureaucrat responsible for doing the same. Time to take back the institutions of learning as well, because it is in these institutions that dhimmitude is being learned, and incapsulated in the various branches of the government. Wake up before it’s too late. KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer

Welcome to Finland

Aside from blonde, Barbie-like women, freezing cold weather and Nokia mobile phones, there is little the general public associates with Finland. Yet, the small country — 338,000 square kilometers — with a population of 5.3 million has a lot to offer tourists and immigrants with an interest in Finnish-Arab trade and cultural exchange.
Among European countries, Finland is remarkable for its tolerance of ethnic and religious minorities, thanks to the government’s clear and strictly implemented laws of equality and the people’s generally curious and friendly nature.
Clashes over Islamic dress, social welfare and other citizenship issues are common in countries such as France and Italy, which have a large population of Muslim immigrants and are often plagued by tense relations between these settlers, the government and the native population. Following the July incident when a German man stabbed a pregnant 31-year-old Egyptian pharmacist, Marwa Al Sherbiny, 18 times in a Dresden courtroom while he was on trial for charges of slander, the media has increasingly focused on concerns of racism and Islamophobia in Europe. In Finland, meanwhile, Egyptians as well as other Arabs and Muslims say they can’t imagine something like this happening in their quiet, safe country.
Transparency International’s 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index ranks Finland number one among 163 countries for the lowest levels of corruption. The country has consistently been at the top of the list, although it fell to number five in 2008, behind Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden and Singapore.
Finland has a long tradition of democracy and women’s rights; in 1906, it became the first country to give women the right to vote and run for office. Voters elected the first female speaker of Parliament in 1994, and in 2000 made current President Tarja Halonen the first woman to hold her position. She was re-elected to a second six-year term in 2006.
The country is also known for its low crime levels and Halonen, 63, is often spotted around the capital, Helsinki, walking, shopping and attending public gatherings unguarded, or with just two guards for more formal gatherings.

Read it all here.

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  1. Do away with the sauna!!! No way!! That is a sacred ritual since beginning of time. It is a religion for crying out loud!
    Apart from that, the rumor is going around in the "camel-keeper" countries that you get food, lodging, clothes, money etc for free in the rich West and then you simply taker over and you can have it all!
    It's so precious….

    1. Once the “well goes dry” in a few years,the Muslims will repatriate.They will have to.It’s to cold for them to live in Finland.Maybe a Russian invasion could stop any possible Islamization of Finland.

  2. How will these Muslims survive the cold Finnish winters if Islam controls Finnish government?If There are no more highly skilled Finnish people,how will unskilled Muslims operate Finnish industry?I think that Muslims will not survive without the Finnish white people.I don’t think Muslims can adjust to this cold environment for a few years by them selfs because they are use to living in the desert environment warm winters and hot summers.They will be craving for a hot sauna when ever they start to feel cold!

  3. What happened to Lara Logan when she was in Egypt could happened to Finnish women/girls if Egyptian men continue to immigrate to Finland as refugees or asylum seekers.As long as Finnish greens keep bringing in Muslim men from Egypt as refugees or asylum seekers other Muslim men from other Muslim countries including U.S.A. will want to come to Finland to participate in typical Muslim gang rapes on white Finnish women and girls.If Islam succeeds in gaining control of Finnish parliament,I would not be surprised if there is an epidemic of gang rapes.Gang raping a woman makes it easier for the men to have there way with the victim.

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