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There is no doubt how well Muslims like Abu Hamza use and abuse the very system they’re intent on subverting. It’s indeed like taking candy from a baby. Preach hate against the infidel, and you’ll be rewarded with three halal squares a day and an official butt wiper, and all at the infidel tax payers’ expence.
So why should it surprise anyone that the British penal system has rewarded Hook Hamza with an expensive set a taps so he can turn the water on and off …in a more easy way? He’s been able to do so for the past five years, but now the warden has taken pity on him, but not on the tax payers wallet, and installed a flashy brand new of hook friendly taps for the convicted Islamic racist/supremacist.
Oh, but that’s not all. Hamza continues to show his contempt for the British justice sytem and by extension, the British people, by continuing to prosyltize the inmates at the prison by using the water pipes in his cell. He’s been given strict orders to refrain from preaching his foul message of pure Islam, but that hasn’t stopped him. Perhaps a secluded cell with no running water is the best remedy, with a bucket for his waste necessities and the use of his hook to wipe. KGS

Hate preacher Abu Hamza is delivering extremist sermons to prisoners through the water pipes of his cell, it has been claimed.
The Muslim cleric is defying a preaching ban imposed by prison bosses to radicalise inmates.
He is able to give his lectures through the plumbing that connects to neighbouring cells in Belmarsh Prison.
The Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think-tank, has called for the 51-year-old to be removed from the mainstream prison population.
Its report on growing prison radicalisation says the authorities have tried to stop him giving sermons openly.
But a source told the thinktank that Egyptian-born Hamza has found a way to talk to his fellow inmates – through the pipes.
James Brandon, who wrote the report, said: ‘These are extremely determined and motivated people who are not going to stop preaching their message just
Abu Hamza: £650 on new taps because they are in prison.’ Mr Brandon told Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘We think one of the key things that needs to be done is to take leading extremists out of the mainstream prison population and basically make sure they never radicalise other people.’
The news comes as it was revealed prison bosses spent £650 on new sink taps in Hamza’s cell.
At taxpayers’ expense, plumbers spent two days replacing the standard twist taps that Hamza has used for five years with new chrome lever ones.

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