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The former city of Loi Sam in the Bajour valley Pakistan
Last night, Finnish state broadcastor YLE1, aired  the Canadian documentary, Pakistani Taliban Young Generation, which tells of the Taliban’s brain washing of young boys in the madrassas that dot the countryside in the northwest area of Pakistan called Swat, turning them into fighters and suicide bombers for the jihad against the Pakistan government and against the West.
The documentary reveals some good film footage, as well as some hard hitting interviews when, Canadian-Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy investigates “how the war on terror is creating a generation of child terrorists in her homeland. takes a look into both parties.” The Tundra Tabloids disagrees however with Obaid-Chinoy concerning what creates the terrorists, it’s not resistence to the Taliban that creates them, but Islamic jihad.
While the documentary explores the madrassas and manages to even interview some of the people involved in the brainwashing of these vulnerable peasant boys, the role of jihad in Islam is not investigated at all. Too bad, but Obaid-Chinoy did manage to cast these jihadis in an unfavorable light.
Caption reads:
“God’s will is done through the help of children”
The Taliban sitting on the floor in the picture, was a small boy when the Taliban got ahold of him, and during the interview while he was picking his toes and speaking of his experiences and approval for suicide bombings, she took notice of his rocking back and forth, something that he learned in the madrassa, which left her with the feeling as if the man was in a trance.

Caption reads: “…and then when I’m dead”
The part of the documentary that really caught the TT’s interest was the part where they ride into the former border town Loi Sam, in the Bajour valley, the key trading center in the region. There wasn’t one brick left upon another.
Caption reads: ”
The buildings are in ruins and no civilians can be seen
The reason it caught the TT’s interest is that no one (including me) has ever heard of the mass destruction of this former town of 7000 by the Pakistani army. The devestation of this border town is complete, and with over 1500 dead, and everyone who once lived here, are either refugees or dead, but yet, there hasn’t been a single inquiry by the UNHRC into the Pakistani army’s role in this massive display of human rights abuses.
Caption reads:
“…especially from the madrassa on that side”
[Where the army was receiving fire]
Of course, the reason why the world hasn’t heard of the mass obliteration of Loi Sam, is that it didn’t happen in Gaza, and at the hand of the Israeli army. The politically run UNHRC could give a toss about the people from this former border town, they are more interested in turning the screws on Israel. When it’s Muslim killing Muslim, the United Nations yawns, it’s only when Israel acts does the UN take notice.
No mind you, the military officials she interviewed said that, only through the total destruction of the city could the people be secured from the Taliban, which means that the Pakistani army, and its government, did not give the Geneva Conventions any consideration whatsoever, because they knew they would be expected to.
It’s quite the opposite to how Israel takes its responsibilities under international law, due to the Jewish state’s moral committment to the rule of law and to humanity, but they also know that the world is watching as well. They know that even when they have all there I’s dotted and their T’s crossed, they’re still going to have the IC breathing down their necks screaming bloody murder.
Just remind yourself the next time you hear of a military operation Israel is conducting, and then compare it with how the Pakistanis operate, or any other Muslim state for that matter, and you’ll then get the picture that something doesn’t add up. The UN and its organizational bodies are highly corrupted by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Arab League and the Non-Alligned Movement.
Only what Israel does matters to these UN organizations, even when they take great care during highly difficult circumstances, while the Arabs can murder, kill and plunder, throw people off roofs, and the UN won’t bat an eye, let alone call for a special investigation. The following transcript is taken from the video that’s still online for the next 25 days. KGS

Pakistan Taliban young generation

This is Bajour, we’re just ten miles from the Afghan border. After 2001, hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaida arrived here after being driven from Afghanistan, they soon took control. This is one of the major towns in Bajour, and as I look around I see complete and utter destruction.
All the buildings have been flattened, there are no civilians here at all. The town of Loi Sam was once the trading center of the Bajour valley with a population of 7000 people. Until recently it was controlled by the Taliban. The Army say the only way to free the town from the militants, was to destroy it.

They claim to have killed more than 1500 Taliban. I am told that this is the place where the fiercest fighting took place. The army received fire from all the houses over here, and especially from the madrassa that’s on that side. That’s why they demolished this entire town they said. One effect for this hardline approach is to create a displacement crisis. People are not only fleeing the Taliban but also the Pakistani army.

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