Debbie Schlussel: I refuse to link to Pat Condell’s videos

The Tundra Tabloids received an email from Debbie Schlussel from debbieschlussel.com, concerning the recent Pat Condell video the TT published yesterday. Debbie enquired: Why are you posting anti-Semite Pat Condell’s stuff? I’ve written about it–please link to my piece on it.

Fair enough Debbie, because I’ve always (and still do) highly respect you and your work, I’ll do just that. But in regards to the labeling of Pat Condell as an anti-Semite, I’m not yet convinced. What I believe is in question here, is not anti-Semitism, though what he states in the video you are referring to, does indeed contain highly misguided and fallacious statements and claims about settlements, Orthodox Jews and Jerusalem, he’s speaking from ignorance, pure and simple.
Such talk by Condell, -that the Tundra Tabloids has spent thousands of man hours and blog posts refuting- the TT would never promote, condone, let alone defend. The thought is totally unthinkable. That said, I have to resist the throwing out of the baby with the bath water where Pat Condell’s message about the dangers of Islam and multi-culturalism are concerned. We have at this time and place, very few voices that have such a large audience like Condell’s, whose input on the subject in general, has been nothing short of brilliance.
The Tundra Tabloids however, agrees with Debbie, that the man’s thinking about Israel is wrong, very wrong, and needs to be addressed, but the man himself need not be jettisoned. This is a good teaching opportunity to enlighten his many supporters about Israel, as well as correcting his false statements about Israel in general and about Jews and Jerusalem in particular. Since Condell is such a high profile atheist, it’s understandable why he could so easily dismiss Jerusalem as being significant, but then of course the question remains, why would he so easily give it over to the Muslim Arabs?
Something isn’t right there. Why would Condell totally reject the OIC’s laughable claim on the West, but so easily swallow their nonsense about Jerusalem? Schlussel has a point. I believe that without totally thinking it through, and with perhaps of the help of traditional inherent European bigotry of Jews, Condell has accepted Islam’s false claim over Jerusalem, but it makes him look more foolish than an anti-Semite. Frankly, the man should know better, and who would be better served to refrain from letting his passionate atheism cloud his better judgment.
Jews have always maintained a presence in Israel from time immemorial, and up until the war of independence, maintained a steady majority within Jerusalem. The City of David (Jerusalem) has never been of Islamic importance, which was reflected in the decay of the city while it remained under Ottoman rule. Mecca and Medina, places where non-Muslims are not permitted to enter at all, are the holy cities of Islam, not Jerusalem, which by the way, the latter has taken great measures to ensure the rights of Muslims and Christians to worship and live within the city.
Where Orthodox Jews are concerned, while a small minority (wrongly called “ultra”) have shown intolerance towards others, the majority are in fact, indeed tolerant of others. It can be seen in the humanitarian works these Jews both do and contribute to, that has benefited the world, unlike in Islam, where non-Muslims do not rate very highly. Condell is showing his ignorance here, as well as about the settlements, in which the overwhelming majority are considered to be living in secular suburbs of Jerusalem, and by the way, are not illegal in any sense of the word.
So truth be told, (are you listening Pat Condell?) Jews in Israel have been more tolerant of Islam and Christianity, than what Jews have traditionally experienced at the hands of these two groups over the centuries. The overwhelming majority of Orthodox Jewry are tolerant towards others and settlements are overwhelmingly secular. That said, the Tundra Tabloids will continue to publish Condell videos if it deems them to be appropriate, but from now on, with a link to this post explaining why Condell, in spite of all his good work, needs to rethink his opinions about Israel, Orthodox Jews and settlements. At least those are the Tundra Tabloids’ thoughts in this reasoned debate. KGS
NOTE: To his credit, Pat Condell has stated the following: “A news flash for European journalists, an anti-Semitic attack by Muslims on Jews, is not a conflict between communities. In case you haven’t noticed, Islam hates Jews, even if Israel didn’t exist, Islam would still hate Jews. Their holy books tell Muslims that they should hate Jews, so I think that what you find happening is not a conflict between communities at all, but of violent, unprovoked racist attack by Muslims on Jews, because they’re Jews. Just thought I’d clear that one up for you so that you can report it accurately next time, if you bother to report it all.”

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