Jimmie Åkesson:
They did what?

The Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, is at it again. This time around however, instead of running a series of blood libel articles about Israeli soldiers harvesting organs, it has taken to maligning the leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, and in the process, possibly violating Swedish law concerning the incitement of an ethnic group.
The Aftonbladet altered the headline to an op-ed written by Jimmie Åkesson that’s critical of Islam, from: Islam is our greatest foreign threat, to: “Muslims are our greatest foreign threat.” The Leftist paper most likely altered it to make SD look bad, and if in fact they indeed ‘massaged’ the headline, it should place them in to real trouble with the authorities.
Aftonbladet had recently announced that it would decline to accept ads from Sd. Sydsvenska Dagbladet did the same with one ad which talked about Islamization, which the paper saw as being “racism”. Presumably even Aftonbladet is up for having a debate with Sd, just not advertisements. The Baron has a translation of the op-ed by Jimmie Åkesson as well as the observation of the translater who caught the alteration:
Baron Bodissey: Our Swedish correspondent LN has been following the news closely, and has sent frequent dispatches to Gates of Vienna as the situation developed. The results are compiled below; all translations are by LN. First, an overview by the translator:
I myself wondered if Åkesson could be so stupid as to write “Muslims…” instead of “Islam…” I had a suspicion that Aftonbladet chose that word for him. Now it looks like the caption “Muslimerna är vårt största utländska hot” = “the Muslims are the greatest foreign threat to us (since WW2)” was constructed by Aftonbladet alone.I have visited some SD home pages and the opinion is unanimous: whether Muslims as a “folk group” or Islam as a religion makes up a threat is certainly not small potatoes, legally speaking.
If this is true, it would be deliberate slander.
Jimmie Åkesson: Twenty years ago, I think it was difficult for most Swedes to imagine that Islam would become Sweden’s second largest religion, that Swedish artists who criticize or joke with Islam would live under constant death threats, that some ten Islamic terrorist organizations or representatives thereof would be established in Sweden, that leading Muslim representatives would make demands for the imposition of Sharia laws in Sweden, that Swedish county councils would use taxpayers’ money to cut off the foreskins of fully healthy little boys, that Sweden would have the largest number of rapes in Europe and the Muslim men would be highly over-represented among the perpetrators, that Swedish swimming halls should introduce separate bathing times for men and women, that Swedish municipalities could consider the inclusion of gender-segregated swimming in schools, that freezer counters in our grocery stores would offer ritually slaughtered meat, while Swedish nursery schools and kindergartens stop serving pork, that Swedish schools would introduce new holidays to celebrate the end of Ramadan, while the church is prohibited from school/term closing ceremonies in more and more schools and so on.
All this is now part of the Swedish reality. The question is how it will look in a few more decades, when the Muslim population, if the current pace persists, has multiplied in size and many of Europe’s major cities including Malmö will most likely have a Muslim majority.

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