In the words of Pamela Geller    : GIVE EM A NOBEL!

The man is evil

The Tundra Tabloids has already reported that this lying sack (of you know what) refused to include, Finnish physicist, Olli Heinonen’s findings in the IAEA’s annual report concerning Iran’s uranium/nuclear development that included a three minute computer generated film of a war head being launched. The missile is then shown to explode at the correct height for the maximum effect for a nuclear weapon.
This Nobel prize winner wants us to believe that the only thing worth worrying about, is Israel, if it takes out the Iranian nukes all by themselves. It’s all highly inverted thinking. The rogue state, Iran, is portrayed as “rational”, being able to come to a reasonable solution through dialogue. Whereas the threatened state, Israel, is being “irrational” and presents a grave danger (for wanting to live another day) if it fails to heed the international community’s “wisdom”.
Yeah riiiiight. Israel is supposed to believe Elbaradei who not only sits on evidence, but also has the distinct dishonor of presiding over the worst incidents of nuclear proliferation ever recorded in the history of the IAEA. Just google A.Q.Khan and you’ll get the picture. What Elbaradei envisions, will eventually strip Israel from its own nuke arsenol making it ripe for attack in the future. KGS
Mohamed ElBaradei, outgoing chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, maintains that the danger in Iran’s nuclear program is hyped, and the only way to resolve issues with Teheran is through talks. Negotiations should also eventually lead the Middle East to be a nuclear-free zone, he believes, thus ending the imbalance in Israel’s not signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
“The threat in Iran’s nuclear program is exaggerated. I do not think that we will wake up tomorrow and discover that Iran has a nuclear weapon,” he said in an interview with the Austrian Die Presse published on Sunday.
“[US] President Barack Obama has understood that negotiation is the only possible solution with Iran… Iran wants to discuss not only the nuclear issue, but also the entire palette of problems with the US. Iran can play an important, central role in the Near East; in Afghanistan or also in Iraq,” the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize laureate continued.
The greatest danger in the region, according to ElBaradei, comes from the possibility of an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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