Lying libel spewer
Many thanks to Pamela Geller for the heads up, the Tundra Tabloids and Atlas had a great laugh together over the picture, which captures Charles Johnson perfectly. The man is as Geller says, a plant, a stooge, and lying rat. Just yesterday the TT ran a story about how Johnson believes that Obama’s administration is “centrist” in both its foreign and domestic policies, which is all of course a load of hooey.

Obama is a “dyed in the wool” radical socialist community organizer, who seeks to inflict as much damage upon the US as humanly possible before his term is up. The manchurian candidate’s aim is to put in place as many irreversable changes into the American political, economic and social fabric as possible, and LGF’s Charles Johnson has been a willing tool in that process.

CJ has once again stooped to being the water boy for those trying to torpedo the counterjihad movement, by lying about what took place in the UK the other day. Placing NAZIs and their NAZI salutes to a story that had neither, the EDL protest against sharia in Britain. The man is a toad. Geller roasts him. KGS

Pamela: The enemy plant is up to his stupid pet tricks: Pamela Geller Praises English Defense League, Posts Photo of Nazi Salutes. You have to wonder how much they are paying him.

Yes, folks marching to save their country from this century’s Nazis are ………..Nazis. Get it?

Nick Griffin of the racist BNP states EDL (English Defense League) is a “Zionist” Group

The libel blogger sanctions the evil of this century’s nazis by demonizing the free men fighting the scourge of Jew hate, muhammadanism, sharia law and Islamic supremacism. There were no nazi salutes, just lizard libelous lies. See for yourself.

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha ………… NAZI!

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