CIA report Iran WMD's


Solid evidence obtained 3 years ago
Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

And after all those talks and carrots, to be followed by even more talks and carrots, the situation remains the same, Iran is developing it’s nuclear weapons industry. Yes, Israel is developing an anti-missile defense umbrella that will more than likely be readied within a couple of years, but that’s a last stop-gap measure. The main course of action dictates a major intervention to ensure that such a missile defense system never need be employed.
This revelation goes hand in hand with the news tha the US government has agreed to fund a project to build a MOAB of all MOAB’s (mother of all bombs), to destroy Iranian nuke facilities buried deep within mountain sides and in other various places spread around the countryside. This of course makes the NIS report of 2007 into a joke, something of which was taken very seriously here in Finland by all the think tanks (UPI) and Finnish media. As wrong as they were, no one is laughing now. KGS
NOTE: It also should be said that Obama chastised John McCain for talking about bombing Iran in the 2008 presidential debates. Obama has been proven to be wrong just about every step of the way into the White House and during his nine months in office.


The CIA was aware of Iran’s ‘secret’ nuclear plant in Qom already in 2006, and European and Israeli intelligence agencies were involved in compiling a presentation on the facility to the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the US intelligence agency’s director, Leon Panetta, revealed in an interview with Time magazine published overnight Wednesday
The Islamic republic recently revealed that it had been secretly constructing a new uranium enrichment plant inside a mountain just north of the holy city of Qom, and has agreed to discuss future international inspection of the facility.
“It was built into a mountain; obviously that raised question marks,” Panetta reportedly said of the site, located some 100 kilometers south of Teheran. The CIA director revealed that he learned of the facility after he was confirmed as head of the agency in January, and said the US spent months on efforts to gather more intelligence on the facility, including “conducting covert operations into that area.”
British, French and Israeli intelligence agencies were involved in compiling a presentation on the Qom site that was prepared “in the event that that information leaked out or that [the Obama Administration] wanted to present it to the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Panetta added.

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