Moody: Oops I did it again!
Former US ambassador to the UN, Mr.John Bolton said just the other day that: “We are now even further from eliminating Tehran’s threat.”
He went further to add that the only Iranian consession that the Obama administration could walk away with from Geneva was: “an agreement in principle” to send approximately one nuclear-weapon’s worth of Iran’s low enriched uranium (LEU) to Russia for enrichment to 19.75% and fabrication into fuel rods for Tehran’s research reactor.” That’s it.
Now according to Ruben Reports: “And now it’s official! Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has announced that the main “concession” it supposedly made in the Geneva meeting with the United States never happened.
It has no intention of sending off its enriched uranium to Russia to be turned into someting fit only for medical research at all. This supposed pledge made by Iran was the alleged big development that set off so much optimism after Iran met with the United States along with China, France, Germany, Russia, and England).
No, says the Iranian government. This is merely an old idea–Tehran offered the same plan back in 2007 and then, after using it to stall for months, rejected it–which it has been planning to discuss on October 18 in yet another meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Not only did it not offer anything new in Geneva, the Iranian government maintains it offered nothing at all.
Of course, the Iranian regime will never actually give up the enriched uranium it plans to use for making nuclear weapons. But now they have not only fooled the U.S. and European governments, Tehran openly says so!”
All this is of course was predicted. North Korea has become a model example of how a rogue state will act in regards to the international community’s lack of credibility. The IC clearly is not serious about the use of force being an option to bring such states like N.Korea and Iran into the compliance with the UNSC’s (enforceable) resolutions.
The Vlad Tepes blog ran a post just yesterday about “Game Theory”, the models that govern human transactions. This theory proves how parties will respond to certain situations. The old “carrot and stick” formula is the best option in situations of mistrust, and only works when the threat of using it is preceived as being real. Watch the video, it’s something that every political scientist and poltician should be well versed in. KGS

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