Another reason to avoid watching meaningless games

Lets be honest, the olympic games suck already, with its myriad of repticious sports that allows one person to win, 3-4 gold medals, and everyone being suspect of doping, that the thrill is just no longer there. There is also the legacy of carrying on with the games even though Israeli atheletes were brutally murdered in the Munich Massacre.
For the Tundra Tabloids, the Olymic Games have come to symbolize murder, providing dictatorships with a good public image, doping, and fraud, bankrupting cities that host it, while lining the pockets of those promoting it and winning contracts to build venues, over sexed atheletes in orgies on the taxpayers’ dime and now pandering to Islamic sharia. Nope, you can have the games and their hooded ninja boxers too.
Quote from the comments to the article: “Firstly I hate the thought of women even with breast protectors punching each other. What is manly or womanly about that? Why in the name of their invisible friend should I have to watch someone dressed as batman punch out another equally silly looking combatant.”
THE burqa boxers are coming. Young women are training in Afghanistan to fight in Islamic dress at the 2012 London Olympics.
Wearing hijabs beneath their headguards and clothes that cover their bodies, 25 female pugilists are preparing for their bouts in gruelling training sessions at Kabul’s Olympic stadium, once the scene of public executions by the Taliban.
The team, whose ages range from 14-25, were recruited by their coach, Fadir Sharify, a former professional boxer. He persuaded the girls’ families that it would not be inappropriate for them to take to the ring.
The 2012 summer Games will be the first time women have been allowed to box under the Olympic banner.
The International Boxing Association (IBA), which regulates the sport, said the women could observe religious dress requirements providing their faces were uncovered so the judges could record the number of punches they received. They must also wear breast guards beneath their outfits.
“At the moment there is nothing preventing women boxers from wearing full Islamic dress. Obviously, religious requirements should be taken into account and we want to be as inclusive as we can,” said an IBA spokesman.
Yeah….remember to be inclusive as much as you can, even to the point of stupidity and buffoonery. Not fair to the burka boxer to wear suffocating clothing while participating in a rigerous sport, nor fair to her opponent whose punches are not having the desired effect because of extra protection. All in all, a very stupid thing to approve of. KGS

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