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Norwegian “humanitarian scam artists”
outed once again with the truth!

Avigdor Lieberman:
Norway is this far from being given the boot, they can place
their humanitarian record alongside Knut Hamsun’s Nobel award
The Norwegians love to highlight their humanitarian record as proof of how “just and noble” they are, in regards to the treatment of others (except of course to Green Peace activists trying to halt Norway’s massacre of the earth’s whale population)- So it must be particularly upsetting to them to be cast as an untrustworthy monitor to the conflict between the Arabs and Israel.
Truth be told, they’re Nordic hypocrites who love to lavish rewards and honors upon notoriously unhumanitarian people, all the while they claim sainthood to the pantheon (and anti-thesis of) human rights organizations, the UNHRC. What a bunch of hooey. While there are some Norwegians that do in fact “get it”, they’re a minority within that fantasy “human rights” supporting country. Norway has just been handed a warning.  KGS

Israel should consider ousting Norwegian monitors from Hebron due to Oslo’s “hostility” toward Israel, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the cabinet Thursday.
An overall reassessment of Israel’s relationship with Norway is needed, he argued, and expelling the monitors could be one element of this. The monitors are part of an international observer group, the Temporary International Presence in Hebron. TIPH was introduced into the city in 1994, by agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, after Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Muslim worshipers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
At a meeting last week with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Lieberman protested Oslo’s contacts with Hamas, as well as the celebrations Norway is sponsoring in honor of the 100th birthday of writer Knut Hamsun, who supported the Nazis during World War II. Of all the foreign ministers he met with in New York, Lieberman told the cabinet, this meeting was the most difficult, because “the Norwegians take a very hostile line against us.”
It may be the time has come to reassess our relations with them and reexamine our position on matters important to them, like their monitors in Hebron or [Israel’s] cooperation with the forum of donor states [to the PA], which they head,” Lieberman added.
Although TIPH also includes monitors from Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark and Switzerland, Norway is the group’s principal supporter and is effectively in charge of it. The forum of donor states is involved in institution-building in the PA, and until now, Israel has cooperated closely with it.
Tension between Jerusalem and Oslo increased recently after Norway’s government pension fund decided to divest from an Israeli company, Elbit.

NOTE: Stefan comments to another post, but it’s on point here as well:

Absolutely to the point. Give the Norwegians the task to analyze their own anti-Semitism and they come up with nothing. This total lack of self-criticism and ability to recognize their blatant anti-Semitism makes their criticism about anything else void of any value. This issue was discussed elsewhere in this blog earlier (end of March) and the Norwegian arrogance was written all over the responses.
Israel’s foreign minister Lieberman has just suggested removing Norwegians from the TIPH force. A very good suggestion, I may say. I would rather see Syrian officials in their place. There is no difference between the Syrian attitude and Norwegian attitude towards Israel. Syrians just don’t pretend to be something else.
And, please, don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. As an ex-Scandinavian living in Israel I can read and understand all the Scandinavian languages (except Icelandic). I follow the anti-Semitic (so called anti-Israel) outbursts in the Scandinavian media. I’m familiar with the anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic bias by the editors of news chats in major newspapers. For instance holocaust denial can be expressed freely, but you can’t comment it. The responses are removed by the editors (in major media). Decide by yourself to which category holocaust denial belongs.
So blatant anti-Semitism is part of Scandinavian culture and they think that is how it should be. That’s absolutely fine with me. I already left Scandinavia. But, please, at least be honest about it.

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  1. KGS, I tried to post almost the same text, only with more careful wording, in Haaretz. It was obviously not politically correct enough. So the Scandinavian media can take cover for claiming that not even the Israeli media allows criticism on Norway.

    But there is a critical difference. I find some pride in the modifying attitude of Israeli press concerning criticism of other countries. The Scandinavian press is exactly the opposite. They are only capable of criticizing others, which I find very distressing.

    I’d like to remind the Norwegians, whenever they claim that we took something from the Palestinians, that they (Norwegian government) confiscated all Jewish property before almost half of them were sent to Auschwitz. Most of them were Norwegian citizens. The Norwegian governments since never agreed to RETURN any of it to her Jews. In 1999 (it took a while!) they finally decided to COMPENSATE some of it, but even the compensation is very difficult to get.

    So, a country that treats her own Jews like that, cannot seriously expect that we should have respect towards its concerns of human rights.


  2. Hard to see what the Norwegians have to be arrogant about.

    After all, it's just a small tin-pot country that on the international stage is really nothing but a non-entity.

    Perhaps that's why they run around getting themselves on any and all do-gooder UN committees to achieve some kind of international profile.

    Pathetic really!

  3. Hi Stefan, nothing is as ludicrus as the Norwegians going apeshit over the fact that the JPost getting a few of the facts wrong to the Kristin Halvorsen story (she didn't yell death to the Jews as was earlier reported), while the Norwegian media regularly gets the facts wrong in many of its stories about Israel.

    These Norwegians went on a crying, whining and moan spree at this blog, which was the sole source to the original printing of the story in the JPost.

    Thanks for pointing out that they're a bunch of theives as well.

    PS, I happen to know some really good and decent Norwegians that support Israel, and are not brainwashed by their media and learning system, I always try to keep them in mind when hoping for the future.

  4. KGS, just to make sure that the right point is made here.

    Otherwise I wouldn't give a damn what the Norwegians did with the Jewish property they confiscated. Not interested and it is not about that.

    It is only about the morality of it all. On what did the Norwegians build the mountain of morality from which they preach justice to the Israelis? You want to teach the Israelis something, first take a good look at yourselves.

    There are certainly wonderful Norwegians. My problem is the, allow me, anti-Semitic government and establishment.

    PS. Your blog is worth all the praise for allowing free speech. Nowhere else could you make your voice heard.


  5. With all the hate displayed here, no wonder the conflict is unsolvable. How much lebensraum do you need?

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