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Who says Muslims aren’t humorous
More laughs from Mecca
The Tundra Tabloids refuses to believe that there are people in existence without some form of humorous bone to them, or at least without the propensity for doing something humorous, whether it’s done intentionally or not. File this story under the catagory of the latter.

A family of Malaysian villagers became the talk of the town after they found the word Allah, meaning God in Arabic, inscribed on meat bought from the local market, the country’s press reported on Tuesday. Housewife Rashadah Abdul Rani, 57, said her son bought the meat from a market in the village and it was her daughter who discovered the inscription.

“I cut the meat into six pieces and soaked them in the water. It was my daughter, who was helping me in the kitchen, who saw the word “Allah” on all six pieces of the meat,” Rani told reporters at her house in Kampung Alur Gunung. Rani said the discovery had changed her plans of cooking the meat for feast and said she would now dry the meat and keep it to use for medicinal purposes.

NOTE: The following has every intention of being funny, whether Vlad Tepes and Tundr Tabloids succeeds in the endeavor is another thing entirely.

Vlad Tepes: This is the second in series in assn, with on the possible origins of Islam, with it’s ludicrous ‘prophet’ Mohamed. In this episode, we explore the possibility that Islam may have come from deep space rather than an aquatic origin, as we looked at in the first of the series, Blobfish Mohamed.

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  1. Humiliating Muslims and their believes meaning cursing urself and asking for a miserable life…. Remove such articles!!!!!

    1. No such thing. Keep dreaming. It is those who force their whimpy will and nomsense belief upon others that will suffer, slowly withering and die.

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