UNHCR Manages to Pawn Off More Fakestinian Fake Refugees to Sweden and the US…….

They’re southern Syrians
nothing more, nothing less
It’s the biggest ruse ever perpetrated on the international community, and they keep right on buying this pile of manure. Under the strict guidelines of the UNHCR (that govern every other refugee in existence) these people that go under the bogus name of “the Palestinians”, the overwhelming majority are in fact, not refugees. The actual number of real Arab refugees is around 200 000, and that number should be decreasing with the passage of time, but in the world of Fakestinian politics, their number increases.
Sweden and a dozen other European countries have agreed to accept Somali and Eritrean refugees from camps in Kenya and Sudan.

The refugees will be accepted into Sweden as part of quotas agreed with the UNHCR – the refugee organ of the United Nations. “It feels good that Sweden can take part in such as large humanitarian operation,” Dan Eliasson, the director-general of the Swedish Migration Board, told Sveriges Radio’s news programme Ekot.

Three further camps on Iraq’s border with Syria will also be emptied in cooperation with the USA. The camps currently house mostly stateless Palestinian refugees. “These camps are in the some of the most difficult places on Earth where the living conditions are dreadful. Now we can help to ensure…that these people that live there can come to Europe and the USA,” Eliasson said. Sweden is set to accept a couple of hundred refugees of the total of almost 3,000, according to Ekot.

Sweden has been a driving force within the EU to push member states to accept more of the so-called quota refugees. Sweden is the EU country that accepts the most, with a total of 1,900 last year, of the 4,800 that arrived in Europe

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