Academic Friends of Israel Call on NTNU Rector Torbjørn Digernes to Resign…….

Rector who approved of skewed anti-Israel seminar
called on by the AFI to resign his position

Disgraced Rector of the university of hate NTNU
Torbjørn Digernes

In response to a letter written by the Rector of the Norwegian University, NTNU, Torbjørn Digernesm, -regarding negative reactions concerning his approval of a planned lecture series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict- Ronnie Fraser who heads the Academic Friends of Israel in Great Britain, wrote the following comment:

Calling for the Rector to resign:

Ronnie Fraser

Dear Rector

After seven years of campaigning in Britain against an academic boycott of Israel I thought I had heard everything possible relating to Israel-Palestine conflict until I read that the purpose of the NTNU lecture series on the Middle East conflict was to provide a “broad scientific debate” for students and academics.
I would hope that as a scientist, you and your colleagues at NTNU are systematic and accurate in your investigations and research, yet the decision two provide a platform for a number of well known anti-Israel speakers whose aim is the delegitimisation and destruction of the State of Israel goes directly against the scientific principles that you have strive two uphold throughout your academic career.
How can such biased speakers provide the accuracy in their presentations that you so desire, unless of course the purpose of the series is to provide an opportunity at the final lecture in the series to announce that the NTNU supports and will campaign for an academic boycott of Israel.
By continuing to defend this biased and discredited lecture series one can only conclude that you yourself support an academic boycott of Israel. It can only be a matter of time before you “fall on your sword” and resign in order to save the NTNU further embarrassment.
The Academic Friends of Israel supports the efforts to inform academics in Britain, Europe and the United States of the abuse of scientific values at the NTNU which could ultimately turn the University into a centre of hate towards Israel.
Ronnie Fraser
Academic Friends of Israel

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