Michael Oren in Interview About the Highly Flawed Goldstone UN Human Rights Report on the Gaza War…….

In a rational and just world, such a report would have never been submitted, but in today’s upside down, “evil = right” world, not only is it called for, it is highly touted as a ground breaking report with hopes of Jews being thrown into the dock and brought up on chump charges of violating international law.

The so called “Goldstone Report” is a sham, and anyone who has managed to circumvent, or reject all the anti-Israel hate propaganda available in the mass media, will know that there is nothing to the report. Again, in a much more sane world, the report would have never been written. Let the TT put it another way, if the 67′ war happened in this day and age, UNSCR 242 would never have been written in the manner it was penned in the aftermath of that war. That’s a fact.

Pure and simple, it’s antisemitism that rules the day, with the insane running the asylum. It’s so clear and simple that a child could understand it, and solely because the international institutions of the world have been corrupted by the Leftists and the Arab states (namely the OIC), this tomfoolery is allowed to go unchallenged, unchecked by the leading western leaders of the day. This is really a totally intolerable situation, and today’s ‘leaders’ have a lot to answer for.

They can cry and wail and moan about all the Jews who were murdered during WWII, but they care not at all for the ones alive. In fact, the TT will go on further to say that these “leaders” would like nothing better than to see Israel erased, that a true genocide would happen, just so that they can wring their hands and cry big tears about how all those Jews were murdered.

This UN report stinks, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows that’s the case. But hey, don’t take my word for it, watch and listen to what historian and now ambassador, Michael Oren has to say about the report. Please, any of you who really are in disagreement with what this man says…let the TT know. Put it real conrete terms, with plenty of links to real good sources that depict exactly where he  gets it all wrong. KGS

H/T EncompassedRunner: “Richard Goldstone’s report fails to shed light on the Gaza conflict. The report confirmed suspicions that the investigation was guided by an agenda to isolate Israel. The farcical investigative process has produced a report which vilifies Israel but neglects Hamas’s culpability. Hand-picked “witnesses” such as Shawan Jabarin, a senior activists of the Popular Front terrorist organization, is cited at least 30 times in the report, but the critical context of his background is hidden. The report is replete with dubious statistics and sources. In reality, it is the UN Human Rights Council that should be investigated for its complete failure to deal with true human-rights violations around the globe and it’s ridiculous obsession with Israel.”

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