Cultural Relativism and Political Correctness Keeps Canadian Troops From Stopping Cases of Child Abuse in Afghanistan…….

This incredible story reminds the Tundra Tabloids of a couple of salient points that discussion panelist, Marc Lebuis, expounded upon during the Q&A period that followed Bruce Bawer’s speech to a crowd in Ottowa Canada, that was sponsored by the Free Thinking Film Society and the Canadian branch of the International Free Press Society. But first, here is an excerpt from the main article featured below, that sets up the point that the TT is driving at:
“Of greatest concern to the MP members was the belief that if they were (to) intervene in any instances of this nature that they would not be supported by the C o C,” the e-mail added. C o C is a military term for chain of command. Having sex with children is against the law in Afghanistan, but some military officers have argued that since it is practised by some Afghans, particularly in Kandahar, then the Canadian Forces should not get involved in what should be seen as a “cultural” issue.”
Marc Lebuis, in response to a question from the audience at the Bruce Bawer speaking event, states the following words that cuts straight to the heart of the problem represented in the quote above:

There is an expression in North America called “corporate citizens”. The danger that we’re having in Canada very soon, is that we’re going to have “religious citizens”, we’re going to have “ethnic citizens”. We just had a case recently, the “Shafi incident”, we don’t know yet it’s going to be an honor killing or not, but there seems to be some people that tend to look in that direction. The Shafi killing is, this man, with the complicity of his son and his wife, or one of his wives, killed four people in Kingston.

Now what was interesting was the head of the police in Kingston when they did their press release, at three different moments, they said, they talk about our values, they kept on repeating, they were mumbling all around, and at one point he says, we’re going to have to take into consideration the cultural background of the accused.

No what does that mean? That means something is happening, that they’re being educated something. This is trickling down all the way to the police. We just had major European style riots in Montreal North, it was managed just like in Malmö. It has nothing to do with Muslims, it has nothing to do with Islam, it has everything to do with how the police handle it. They handle it the same way as in the “Politiknik massacres”, they did nothing, they waited.

There were apartments being ransacked, people felt insecure, the police were waiting, were waiting, were waiting for orders. Everybody is scared. Not scared of being called racists, they’re scared that they’re not going to be backed. When we had a YMCA incident, a reasonable accomodation moment. The manager of this YMCA had to accomodate, putting frosted windows so the local synagogue couldn’t see, couldn’t witness what the yoga teachers were doing.

When this happened, I put myself in the shoes of the manager where all these incidents of reasonable accomodation, I think that in the back of his mind he’s saying, “who’s going to stand up for me?” And that’s the real issue. There is no one is standing up for anybody. Why would the cops now defend somebody if your own boss is hitting on you because you didn’t fit in with the political correctness, and maybe”the culture” or the policies of multiculturalism.

Marc hits the nail on the head. Abuses are committed, and the perpertrators go scott free, because everyone is afraid of being hung out to dry if they act on their conscience and sense of ingrained morality. That’s the problem, the multiculturalists have created an unteniable situation where everyone knows what is the right thing to do, but afraid to act. KGS
Ottawa – Army staff and National Defence headquarters officials were told in 2007 that young boys had allegedly been sexually abused by Afghan security forces at a Canadian base in Afghanistan, but the concern at the time was that the incident might be reported in the news media, according to military records obtained by the Citizen.

In addition, last year Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force Central Area, passed on to the senior army leadership the concerns raised by military police who said they had been told by their commanders not to interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex with children.

The newly released records raise questions about a military investigation that earlier this year concluded that allegations about sexual abuse of Afghan children by members of the Afghan army and police were unfounded. The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service also stated that its thorough investigation concluded allegations of such incidents were never reported to Canadian military commanders.

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UPDATE: Here are both vids from the Bruce Bawer speaking event in Ottowa Canada. The second vid is the Q&A. Watch both and learn.

Bruce Bawer

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Link: Bruce B Q&A4

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