Shock in Norway as Media Gives Standing Ovations to Hamas Propagandizing Doctors Mads Gilbert and Fosse……!

The Leftist media
loves their boys

Mads Gilbert & Fosse:
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These two doctors are largely responsible for the dissemination of the worst propaganda during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Look at how the anti-Israel Norwegian media loves them. How telling is that? KGS

Quote: [DagenMagazinets clear impression is that virtually everyone who was present at the press conference, including the huge press corps, applauded the Gaza doctors repeatedly.]

DagenMagazinets: An almost total press corps applauded when doctors Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse launched the book “Eyes in Gaza”. – Most unusual, “says Press Association Per Edgar Kokkvold.
JOHN Solsvik
Applause from an enthusiastic press corps broke out again and again when the two Gaza doctors told me about their horrible experiences that doctors at Shifa hospital during the war in January this year.
Only DagenMagazinets journalist asked a critical question about the two doctors’ credibility. Fully aware of the ties the two have to Red party in Norway and the party’s strong anti-Israeli involvement, we asked questions about doctors’ ability to objectivity and credibility.
Mads Gilbert, thanks for the question and said it was totally appropriate to ask such.
– Not activists
– I am very pleased that just Magazinet are present here today. We went to Gaza as doctors and not as journalists, and we do not intend to engage in any kind of propaganda, but convey the strengths of our experiences further. We do not need to lie or reinforce perceptions. We are not party political activists, but we were in Gaza, with solid support from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, which granted five million Euros for the work, and from Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in person. He called us and said we had all the Norwegian people in the back, “said Gilbert.
In addition, he stated that they had used three “heavy” Middle East experts as consultants for the book, one is Kåre Willoch.
– But when no journalists were allowed to enter and report from the war, and it was Israel which effectively put a stop to this, so we had to stand up and tell the world what happened. We missed the Norwegian journalists and we wanted Magazinet in Gaza, said Gilbert.
Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert gave a stirring picture of what they experienced in Gaza, and accused Israel of crimes against humanity, which they claimed the fresh Goldstone Commission had confirmed.
Gilbert had little time for the Norwegian election campaign that he had followed in part from Gaza.
– Not a single foreign policy issue has dominated the election campaign. The biggest problem in the Norwegian election campaign has been the fear of drowning in a smørøye of Norwegian self-satisfaction, “said Mads Gilbert.
– Most unusual
Secretary General Per Edgar Kokkvold in the Norwegian Press Association thinks it is highly unusual that it will be praised at a news conference.
Journalists usually ask critical questions to their interviewees, and we are often accused of only being concerned with the negative – and even the public says it. Applauding journalists at a press conference is rare, there you are right, “said Kokkvold.
He added that he was not present, but that he believes appaluse probably came from representatives of organizations working actively for Palestinian cause.
DagenMagazinets clear impression is that virtually everyone who was present at the press conference, including the huge press corps, applauded the Gaza doctors repeatedly.

H/T: Norway, Israel and the Jews

UPDATE: Kåre Willoch, one of the “expert” scholars noted by Mads Gilbert as contributing to his book, “Eyes of Gaza”, is a noted severe critic of Israel.

NOTE: About Dr. Mads Gilbert: It turns out he’s no neutral medical man, but active in “solidarity work with Palestinians” for 30 years. Responding to 9/11, Gilbert didn’t rush to New York’s Bellevue Hospital to offer his services. Instead, he defended the moral right of the “oppressed” to have launched that attack.

NOTE: A Tundra Tabloids anonymous source sends the following observations about Norway:

One of the conclusions I have come to of the current Government and leftist elites of Norway is that they cannot be analyzed with by the normal methods of analysis. You can only deal with them through satire or cabaret. I wonder if even Orwell could have done justice to Norway.

In this country:

— The queen can visit a mosque where the imam is in favor of suicide bombing.

— The foreign minister will publicly debate with and thus legitimize a Muslim, who says in that debate that he hates Jews and homosexuals. (it was known before that he would say that). The crown prince will sit on the front row to honor this performance even further.

— The King will give personally the highest honor of the country to a man who designs the head of a democratic state as a Nazi.

— The country supports in its aid development program hate propaganda.

— The country divests from Israel, but as our mutual friend has shown, seeks to have its state oil company invest in Turkmenistan, one of the worst dictatorships in the world.

— The minister of finance participates in a rallye where there are shouts of death to the Jews and Norway’s ambassador to Israel will call this publicly a worthy demonstration.

Orwell might have said bout Norway: “hate is aid,” “lies are truth” and “cheating is ethics.”

I am not talented enough to have invented this country. I just write down the facts. If Orwell had invented Norway as it is people would have praised his fantasies. This country with its caricatural elites really exists and is called Norway.

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